Friday, July 31, 2009

Rains, Pours, and Now... the Tsunami.

Well, folks, that's it. It's almost official. We had one vehicle left and we may be down to none.

1. "Little Blue" - The station wagon. She's done me good since 2002. I love her. She holds all four car seats. She holds my stroller and all my other junk + "the kitchen sink" that I love to pack everywhere. She sits, on my grass, unsafe to drive with a rusted motor mount, a broken 'bushing'?, and goodness knows what else wrong.

2. "The Fury" aka "The Boat" - This is the 79 Plymouth Fury complete with 8 track. Sweet ride, but didn't pass air care. There it sits, on the grass.

3. "Big Blue" - The camping-tow-the-trailer truck. Turns out, that it's not so much of a battery problem. The truck's not starting sometimes because it's not fully engaged in the 'park' position. Great. I also informed Richard that it's sounding a little rough getting into second gear. I also told Richard that it's not my fault. I definitely didn't cause this. I've been VERY gentle with the truck, as instructed by Richard. For goodness sakes, I've only driven it on the highway twice!!

I think I'm soon going to be finding out what it's like to be one of those moms who has to walk everywhere. Or worse.... take the bus... ewwwwwwwwwwww. Thank goodness there's a bus stop across the street!!! But my 3 minute trip to the rec centre will probably be 30 minutes.

Seriously. Seriously!!!! Seriously?
I don't even want to ask 'What else could go wrong?' because I surely do not want to know the answer to that question.

So, peeps. Keep your eyes peeled for us and tell us if you see a minivan or even another station wagon maybe around the age of a 1999? Maybe you know someone selling one. I'd rather buy from a friend of friend who isn't selling something 'they know' has something wrong with it, rather than off a dealer who might lie through his teeth to sell it.

Back to what's important, Richard.

He's on day 5 of his chemo. So kind of me to hit with the news of the truck as he was about to head out the door today.

He's really feeling worse now. He ended up taking that $100 pill to get rid of hiccups last night after having them for about 3 days. He wanted to save that pill until it was really really needed. And, so far, it seems to have worked. Thank goodness.

He said last night, once we had headed to bed that "This is way better than staying in the hospital", so I'm guessing that being in the comfort of his own bed with his wife, children, and mom nearby keeps him looking and acting better than he's feeling. He's acting a little bit sluggish, but still getting around. He's up and about much more than when he was in the hospital. Tomorrow is his last day of chemo, then numbers should continue to go down some more, and then head back up. I'm sure he'll still have to be back at the hospital every day or two for the following week while they check his numbers, maybe give transfusions, and check his vitals.

Food is tasting badly again now for him. He shaved his head again last night, right after I noticed that the hair was coming in dark again. I guess he wanted to shave it before he's not allowed to when he's neutropenic.

Well, that's about it. The boys are down for afternoon nap. I didn't take Dexter to swimming today and he was none to impressed. I know he loves his lessons, but man, he was ticked right off when AJ and I headed out the door without him. Dexter keeps falling asleep during his old 'morning nap' time in the truck and it causes him to wake between 5 and 6 am which is NO GOOD for anybody. So, to get him back on track, I had to leave him with Daddy and Grannie. After about 10 minutes, he forgot about us and had some fun with them. AJ did great at lessons again, even jumping off the side of the big pool into the water. One week left to do back float, front float, front glide, and front swim (assisted). We'll see. I'm not holding my breath.

So, that's our Friday. Oh my goodness, Friday. Bad bad Friday rears it's ugly head again.

Keep those eyes peeled!!!

Wish him well. Send your good healing vibes.


Steve Swaddling said...

Hi Sonja!
I will keep my eyes out for cars but call the foundation that comes and pays you $50 or something to take your car away. At least you get some cash and get them off your lawn.

Cars are hard to come by. I know our church just bought a family in need a used van and insurance. Something to be said for church. We will see what we can come up with. I will keep my eyes peeled.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...


The car's worth more than $50. I'm sure we could sell it for $500 and the Fury's a beaut, maybe $1000.

Which, in fact would be what I need to buy a van.