Friday, July 03, 2009

Well the News Was Perhaps Not as Good As We Thought

Don't worry yet.

There isn't bad news, per se.

It's just that evidently, some doctors don't just tell it like it is and some are very vague. Today's doctor spelled everything out for Richard and things are quite as 'in the clear' as we may have been led to believe.

I'm not even going to try to explain, nor do I want to. Any information I'm given seems to change. I'll let Richard update you on details. He was at the hospital today.

In brief.... 3 more rounds of chemo. Real chemo. But from home. Yipee. I think.

He said he'll update later.

I also have two big thank yous to 'shout out'.

My old skool sorority sisters - Thanks for your beautiful card and the plethora of assorted and very handy gift cards.
The Joniecs - For their gifts for the boys, one of which was a Slip and Slide! Big fun!!!

Thank you everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, Sonja, AJ, Dexter and Norma!!! Finally got on the internet here in Spain and spent the last half hour getting updated on your blogs! Glad to hear that there is a little bad news along with lots of good stuff--one round of chemo that is working, lots of love and support and two wonderful little boys that are doing a great job of being little boys--and that Norma is up to her usual socializing--I only hope that she looks after her purse! Love and prayers from all of us and we hope that Richard will be home soon. Elva