Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not Too Much to Report, But Some Thank Yous.

I haven't been with Richard at the hospital this week. His mom has been taking him and I've been living it up with my boys. It's a mixture of feelings. I've been having a great week with the boys and I'm seeing vast improvements in AJ's attitude, I think, from the increase in quality time with me, but it could be from having Grannie here too, or hey... maybe because his dad is home now!! At the same time, I miss getting to spend all the time alone with Richard at the hospital and being there with him to hear results and support him. Nonetheless, I can rest assured that both the boys and Richard have someone with them who loves them very much all the time. That's a good feeling.

Richard's blog, will have all of the newest info. I will get to spend a bunch of time with him at the hospital on Tuesday when he has his bone marrow biopsy and a dental assessment. Norma will stay at home with Dexter and Kim will be watching AJ at my mom's place. AJ will have stayed over the night before.

Kim will also come out Wednesday to watch the boys while Richard's at the hospital with his mom and I'm at a BBQ!!! Thanks Kim!!

Somemore thanks to give....

More overwhelming love and support have come our way:

Thank you so much,
Darlene - For the special treat for me and adorable card.- Spa Utopia - oh my goodness! The guilt I will feel!
Auntie Karen and Family - For the gift card and the heartfelt card.
Keri and Melissa (from my birthclub) - For your extra support, and of course, friendship. IRL and
Kim and Paul - Helping to make the trip to the lake extra fun.
Cousin Mike - Helping Dexter enjoy freedom at the zoo instead of being stuck in a stroller! And, for a nice visit afterwards, AND for playing rescue heroes and cars with AJ. BIG thanks for that one!!!
Auntie Brenda - For a really nice phone call the other morning.
Uncle Len - For a really great phone call the other night.
Bud (Richard's step dad) - For continuing to allow us to keep Norma here. She's pretty great, and I can only imagine how much you're missing her. Especially, if it's anywhere near how much I would be missing Richard after this long.
Brock and Paul - For all of the outdoor fun with AJ today. It's a great break for me.
Mom and Ken - For having us and Norma for dinner tonight.
Richard - For driving home tonight. It felt like 'old times'.... but NOT for going to Ikea without me.
Norma - For all of the driving. I've so enjoyed all of the special time with the boys this week.

Well, that's all I have energy for tonight. I have an ear infection, I'm pretty sure. I'm also pretty sure that Dexy does too which would explain the screaming awake fits at 5am. YIKES. Off to the clinic tomorrow, I guess. Uggg.

Thanks again everybody, for reading, for loving, for supporting, for emailing, for calling, for understanding, for hugging, for caring, and ......

well, you know. Everything.


Tara said...

Boo, hiss to the ear infection.

I always enjoy reading your updates and I think of the four of you often.

I wish I was closer so I could do more.

Nathan said...

Thinking of you lots and sending hugs.....If I can help out with the boys next week..a playdate, or maybe I could watch them so you could use your spa cert.....

Let me know,

ErIca said...

Thinking of you, too. Trapped in my house while it's getting painted. Kids are at Gma's.
Lost my camera for awhile (what else is new?) but found it again so I will send you the lake pics tomorrow prob.