Monday, July 20, 2009

An Update From Richard's Visit Today

Once again, since I did not take Richard to the hospital today, it makes more sense for you to read the update straight from the source. The nice thing for you is that you get to read through the eyes of Cynical-Pessimistic-Richard rather than Whiny-Squeeky-Wheel-Gets-The-Oil-Sonja. He's usually more succinct than me as well, or at the very least, more amusing.

I do owe you a GIANT picture update of the boys including some Canada Day pics. That will have to wait until my lazy, good-for-nothing husband loads the pics onto our site (which I don't know how to do). Man, I don't know what that guy does all day that keeps him from keeping our picture site up to date. Oh, wait, yes I do... Leukemia... bummer.

Norma is back from her visit to the Island to see friends, family, and get her hair done. It's nice to have her back. The boys missed her, for sure, as did we, of course. And I surely missed my husband having 'back up' and someone with whom to share the Sonja-teasing. Those two are quite a pair. Just when I think "Wow, Norma is just like me. Richard really married his mother" I then realize how much Norma is just like Richard with their sense of humour and ability to tune me out. lol

I do have BIG thanks to shout out to:
Norma - For coming back to us and driving Richard to his appointments today.
Michelle R. - We ate the delicious Shepherd's Pie you made last night and tonight, and wowee, it's going in the books as one of my favourite Shepherd's Pie recipes. I will definitely need that recipe.
Ruth C - For her get together last week that I think I forgot to thank her for. It was sure nice to visit with 'the girls' and to...... drink. Yes, I drank. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, ... well, nevermind. Just kidding. I think I drank two drinks. Oh well. Not too exciting.
-Also to Ruth again for those muffins she brought long ago. We just ate the last one. They're like a meal replacement!!! I need that recipe too!

And, I'm going to try to actually link Richard's blog right here for those of you who still have not realised the link is in the top right corner, or for my dad who refuses to view this in the non-email form.

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ErIca said...

Curious what those two tease you about--- aren't you perfect?