Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Picture Update of the Boys

I still need to do an update for what the boys have been up to in June, but in the meantime, here's some pictures from June. There are more coming that are still on the camera.

AJ taking a picture of me.

Daddy throwing Dexter on the couch. This is the boys' favourite thing to do with Daddy.

Richard making his 'Richard' face. He shaved his head before he headed for chemotherapy. He didn't want to bother with the 'hair falling out in patches'. Actually, since coming home, and as hair hadn't started falling out too much until later, he was taking off the hair that had grown in with a lint roller. lol.

This is just a heartmelting picture of Dexy.

Since these pictures have been taken, Dexter's mattress is now up on his toddler bed. These 4 pictures were taken when he had just moved into his 'big boy bed' which was a mattress on the floor. It's nighttime in the pictures, and his room is black, but I used the flash.

It was then, just before Richard was admitted to start the Chemo, that Kim graduated from high school and we attended her graduation/18th birthday party. Here are some pics from that day.

Dexter loves my Grandpa's guitar.

Trampoline fun.

We were able to fit in a family day to the water park before Richard started his Chemo too.

Push ups?

Here are AJ and Dexter making a card for Daddy for Father's Day. Look at the determination on AJ's face as he draws big Star Wars walking machines and the game Cariboo for the card. Look at the sneaky face that Dexter has while he has some freedom with markers.

This last set of pictures is from Father's Day. I brought the boys to the hospital to see Richard for a pretty short-lived visit due to the shared room. Here's some of the fun.

"Happy Father's Day Daddy! What are all those tubes for?"

AJ playing figurines on the floor.
Dexter playing figurines with Daddy on Daddy's hospital bed.

AJ and Dexy climbing and wrestling on Daddy's hospital bed.

Dexter playing with crayons.

Dexter getting a ride on Grand-Dan's knee. He helped to babysit at the hospital.

Daddy and his boys on Father's Day.


The Bee Hive said...

Your boys are so handsome! And Richard looks great bald (although it kind of adds a "chip on his shoulder:--tell him he needs a Harley to complete the look).

Good job with all the picts. That handsome pict of Dex just melted me!

ErIca said...

Look at Mr. Heartbreaker, Blue Eyes! Sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Sonja... all your men are sooo cute! especially love the 'Richard' face.. I like him bald too! sexy!

Jill H