Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Thanks and Such

Today was a full day for the boys and I.

We started with swimming lessons and a picnic lunch in the back yard and playing in the pool. Nap was next and it was good and long. Afterwards, a trip to a favourite playground. Home for dinner (thanks to Richard making the delicious bacon wrapped M&M turkey that my mom had brought us a while back) and after Dexter was in bed, a late-night playground trip just for AJ with Richard and I.

AJ's swimming lessons are going really well. I'm really glad Jen and I put AJ and Makenna in for another set of daily lessons. It sure has made a difference. AJ will put his face in the water now, thank goodness, and today, we he hopped into the small pool off the side, he accidentally went right under and didn't freak out. YAY!

Richard's day entailed a trip to the dental specialist (Endodontist?) to check out 'the situation'. And a trip to the giant Walmart with his mom.

Tomorrow, Richard will get some blood work done and in the afternoon, he will get a filling for his tooth.

Some thanks:
The Cosfords - Who sent a beautiful card and some help with gas.
My mom - For bringing over that no-tip-dino yesterday and the swimming penguin for the pool. The boys had a blast with those today.
Christine - Another thank you for the slip and slide. AJ surely enjoys it. Dexter..... not so much. But hopefully, soon.
Everyone - For continued good wishes about Richard being in remission and good vibes and prayers being sent for bearable Chemo.
Richard - Just for being a great guy. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how I found you. But I am so lucky.

Here's hoping!

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