Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Richard's Third Bone Marrow Biopsy and Beef Dip!!!

Richard was able to taste his delicious beef dip today!!!!

Norma kept Dexter today and had a nice, special day with him. She took him to Tim Horton's where he wooed all the ladies and even had the men waving at him too. He was a really good boy for her.

Kim had AJ overnight at my mom's last night. He partied hard with teens down the street for Paul's friend, Brock's birthday party. When I came to give him a hug good-bye before heading home last night, it was 10:15pm and he was in the backyard with all the 15 and 16 year olds eating chocolate cupcakes and partying hard. YIKES!!! (I paid for that tonight). Give an inch, they take a mile. Or, give 3 centimetres and they take a km or so. Kim also took AJ to see Ice Age 3 today. He thoroughly enjoyed that.

Richard and I, after not much sleep (all my fault and So You Think You Can Dance), had to wake up at about 5:30am and leave by 6am.

I'll let you read the details of the day on Richard's blog, as he's in much more of a writing mood than I am.

Long and the short of it?
*Bone marrow biopsy went well. It took forever and a day, but it was his least painful one yet.
*Chemo will not start a week from today because Richard needs some pressing dental work done first.
*Results probably weren't going to be ready for tomorrow from the biopsy, so Richard postponed his meeting with the oncologist until next week.
*We went for a great dinner with my dad at a pub tonight.
*Richard was a trooper today and even drove home, letting me nap off my upset tummy. Sweetie.
*His blood levels are great.

Tomorrow, I'm at a barbeque with some colleagues/friends of mine and Norma and Richard will be with the boys once I've taken AJ to swimming lessons in the morning.

I still have lots to update about the boys.

I may start that tonight.

And there's more pictures to load too.

***check Richard's blog. The link is at the top right. Or click this....

(while I'm writing this, he's not actually done typing it yet)

Some more big thanks too:
Michelle R. - For making a whole bunch of dinners for us! Seriously, a whole bunch! Like 5 or so. She enlisted my neighbor to help carry them in!!!! That's how much there was. All with a one year old strapped onto her in her Ergo Carrier!!
Dad - For taking us to dinner tonight. We needed it sooo much. No lunch. We were both dying from a long day.
Norma - For watching Dexter today and giving him some special attention.
Kim - For taking AJ overnight and for taking him to the movies today.
Mom - For a nice tea and visit last night.

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Nathan said...

Hi Guys,
Nathan says if you want him to look at the car, just give us a call!
Hugs your way!