Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Richard's Hospital Visit Today

Norma (Richard's mom) took Richard into the hospital today. I wasn't there to receive first hand facts, so you'll have to tune in to Richard's blog probably later this evening when he wakes up to read what the day held. Off the top of my head, here are the hot topics....

*ultrasound to look at Hickman Line
*CT scan to come to look into his neck pain and cough perhaps?
*next bone marrow biopsy tentatively looking at Monday
*spinal tap to come soon
*Richard still has low potassium and was prescribed some more
*was given some antibiotics today for his slight fever last night (which was higher this afternoon)
*had a reaction to the antibiotics (a common reaction) and was given two doses of Benadryl (hence the very sleepy Richard right now)
*he will need to come in for antibiotics every day for the next 5 days or possibly less
*a week from the bone marrow biopsy may be when they'll start the next round of chemo
*sounds like it will be just the Daunorubicin. No, not pills. Outpatient, yes. He will come in each day for 6 days to get his chemo and then go home for the night.
*No word yet on whether or not he'll get the experimental drug too.

Again, the link for Richard's blog is on the top right of my blog. You can just click on Before the War.

As for me....
AJ had his swimming lessons today with Makenna. AJ and Makenna have these lessons every day for 2 weeks. This is their last week. AJ's standing alone on the floor of the big pool now. He's getting braver and walking in the deep pool. He's putting his nose, mouth, and ears in the pool. This may be he and Makenna's last session together. Makenna's been extra gutsy these past couple classes and may just make it into the next level. We'll see.
I just can't take Dexter to the pool right now to watch AJ's lessons. They have a great play area, but with being cut down to one nap, he is extra grumpy in the morning. Big thanks to Auntie Erica for watching Dexter this morning while I took AJ to his lesson.

In the afternoon, after naps, I took the boys to Go Bananas. They had a BLAST!!!! My mom met up with us after she got off work. Of course, she was climbing all through there with them while I babysat the purses. What a gal.

I may take them to the zoo tomorrow, and perhaps the lake on Friday. We'll see.

More thanks to give....
1. Michele D. - Thank you sooo much for the cranberry muffins. AJ and I LOVE them. In fact, I think Norma does too!!!
2. Great Aunt Eleanor - Thank you for the lovely card and the beloved Wendy's gift card for Richard!!! What a treat!!!
3. Auntie Erica - For watching Dexter this morning!!! I enjoyed watching AJ swim without Dexter climbing on me and screaming.
4. My mom - For girl talk and for meeting me at Go Bananas with the boys to ensure they had the best time there.
5. Norma - For taking Richard to the hospital today and for the many more trips she'll be doing there. The boys and I had a great time together today.

No thanks to.....
The two mothers at Go Bananas that didn't even periodically check on their little turds who were bullying other kids and just generally acting like twits. Geesh!!! I'm for relaxing there like any other mom, but man oh man.... A mother should notice when 5 different mothers have had to speak to her boy about his outrageous behaviour.
And no, I'm not talking about AJ as the

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