Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Soooo Hot!!

I haven't felt this hot since walking down the streets of Kuala Lumpur over 10 years ago. I can remember getting out of the shower in my hostel and wondering why I bothered to dry off. I can remember walking down the street and just breathing hot wet air. It was so gross.

Today and yesterday was so gross.

We have two air conditioners. One is in our bedroom and one is in our living room. For the past 6 or 7 summers of having a/c, I have never appreciated as much as I did this week. Ahhhh.

A/C - If you don't have an air conditioner, I don't understand how you haven't melted. Literally.

Erica and Kevin, kindly had me and the boys, as well as some friends from out of town over for a nice visit and dinner. Unfortunately, I am used to my a/c and I just plain forget how hot people's houses get. It was sooo hot. It was sooo humid.

I think it got up to 41 C today, plus the humidity which has to be near 85%. Yuck yuck yuck.

I didn't even want to leave the house today. Sadness.

Regardless, it was a really nice visit at Erica's. AJ had a blast sliding down her make-shift waterslide (a hose on the tall slide coming down from the giant play structure). Both boys would just go straight under the water and/or just get completely soaked every time. Rya and Dexter had some great fun on the little slide too.

I guess all that splashing did AJ well because he dunked his head under the water about 5 or 6 times at swimming lessons today. Eagerly, I might add. He may just pass this time. Who knows.

AJ and Makenna have been in Sea Turtle this summer. It's the first of the preschool age independent (no mommy) lessons. They come so far each time and get more and more comfortable that Jen and I just keep putting them in again and again, and then requesting the same teacher. Well, last week, after about her 5th or 6th time or so in Sea Turtle, Makenna passed into Salamander. AJ (quite a bit more timid in the water) did not make it. So, I had to decide, should I give him a break or should I put him in again just in case he passes and then they could be in Salamander together? Well, I decided to go for it. He had been getting braver and braver, and he's tall enough now to touch the bottom of the pool. So, I think this is his 5th time that he's started in Sea Turtle just this past Monday. He didn't get the same teacher, but I do really like his new teacher. And now after this water day at Auntie Erica's house, he just seems so excited about his progress.

Dexter just started his first lessons on Monday too. He's in Duck. And... he loved it. He doesn't love the backfloat, and I had expected screaming, but he LOVES leaping off the side of the pool from being seated there, and he LOVES doing the front glide (held by me of course) to try to catch the rubber duckies that we throw. Yes yes, like I said, AJ had probably been in 4 sets of lessons at least by now. Whatever. Sorry Dexy.

- He's slowly starting to feel crappy. He's getting that flu like feeling. I'm sure that driving without a/c to the hospital and back doesn't help. Norma's a trooper. She's driven in this heat 3 days in row. It can't be easy.
-So yes, things are going to starting being really crappy again for Richard. He'll start feeling worse. I think we're all really curious about how he'll do with this round. With starting healthy this time with high numbers and all, will it hit him the way the last round did? Will he lose all the rest of his hair this time? I'll sure miss the goatee and mustache.
-But, we're lucky, right? He's in remission. And yes, we live in Abbotsford and have to commute. But, Richard hears the other stories at the hospital. Like the dad who lives in Grand Forks and has to stay in Vancouver all by himself. He didn't get the week that we had to 'let it all sink in'. He was helivac'd to the VGH the night he found out! There's people from the Island that have to come to VGH, and Prince George. Before all this, I had no idea. No idea that if you have Leukemia and you live in BC, you need to go to VGH. That's the only place to go!
-Richard thanks his lucky stars that he has the type of Leukemia that he has (AML) and 'the good kind' (inversion 16), and of course, that he's in remission. Let's hope it stays that way!!!

Loving Richard today. Loving Norma. Such a really great lady. Funny, fiesty, sassy, genuine, and loving. Boy does she love her boy. And of course, I'm loving Dexter and AJ. The boys and I had a really really great day today. Just perfect really. Knock on wood. Oh yeah... I took the boys to playgroup after swimming. You know, just when I wonder if AJ's just a bit too sassy or if Dexter's a little bit mischievous, I bring them to playgroup, and am brutally reminded how awesome my kids are. I can't believe some of the 'hell on wheels' at playgroup. Namely the ones who moms or nannies just sit there and do nothing while their kid pummels another one or runs over a baby with their plasma car. Aye Carumba. I gave AJ and Dexter big hugs after playgroup and had a BIG talk with AJ at home about what a really great kid he is. Hmmm, maybe that's why I had such a good day with the boys.

One more thing about Dexter.
-Both of my boys have been good sleepers. But AJ, although good at bedtime, never used to ask to go to bed. Dexter does. In fact, tonight, he asked early. He was in bed at 6:50pm. He walked down there himself tonight, waving to all of us, signing sleep, and I didn't even pick him up to sing his song. He just tossed himself into bed and I sang his song there. Out like a light.

Thank yous
-Norma for driving while I stayed in the A/C.
-Richard for dealing with Leukemia.
-AJ and Dexter for being 'good boys'.
-Michelle R.- again - We just had your chicken pot pie tonight. WOW! Delicious!!!!

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