Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photos of My Boys

These are my boys, Alton and Dexter. Alton (AJ) is on the naughty spot. For what? I cannot remember. Dexter, loves to be 'just like' his big brother. So here, he is also looking sad in the naughty spot. For what? Nothing.
These are my boys, Alton and Dexter skateboarding on grass because that is where you can try cool tricks without wearing a helmet and without getting injured.

These are my boys, Alton and Dexter riding dumptrucks in our front yard because it's fun to ride dump trucks.

These are my boys, Alton and Dexter sharing a dumptruck ride because they're brothers and that's what brother's do.

I have a confession to make.....

If you weren't already aware of the problem.

I probably need therapy.

It used to only happen about three days a week, but now, it's every day.

I'm not talking about coffee from Starbucks.

I'm talking about the fact that.......









The following pictures are from a really awesome school playground near our house. Three playgrounds in one park, all accessible by Dexter.

Here's a bit of snacktime, watching some big kids play.

I finally have figured out how to make AJ smile for pictures. I tell him that he's not allowed to see the pictures on the back on the back of the camera unless he smiles for the picture.

Here's AJ showing Dexter how to get-r-done.

My climber.

My runner.

My other climber.

A really cool standing teeter tottery type thing. Makenna and AJ really like it.

One of the many things that spins at this park. There's also little egg cup type things that AJ could spin in all day long without getting sick like his mommy. Dexter, however.... not so much.

This thing goes around and around. Dexter's trying to push AJ around.

Cat Break!
So, Auntie Erica, brought over a little gift basket the day or day after we found out Richard had Leukaemia. Inside were some treats, including an organic sleepy time style tea. Norma has really enjoyed this tea quite a bit, but couldn't help but notice that the cats would be all over her when she drank it. Enough that when she'd rest her mug down, twice, the cats knocked it over and spilled the tea. Richard looked into the ingredients, and sure enough............
So, what drives the cats crazy, evidently, puts us humans to sleep.
I opened up a tea bag and sprinkled the contents on the floor and table. The result was just like when I give them straight up catnip. They were sniffing, rolling, and trying to snatch the bag out of my hand.

These are my very sweet sweet boys, Alton and Dexter.

These are my sweet sweet boys, Alton and Dexter with their equally sweet sweet Grannie!
They're happy she's here.

When Grand-Dan came over and was playing with AJ in AJ's room, I sent Dexter off to join them with his bottle. But he wasn't in there when I came down the hall!

Where was he?

In his room just chillin on his little chair.
This is the same chair he uses to push against the door in the morning to try to get a better grip on the doorknob to open to the door.

Here's what Dexter's been up to lately.....

Playing figurines with his brother.

Throwing balls, amongst all of his other favourite sports to play with his brother, like baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.

Helping me unload the dishwasher.
Ummmm... ewwwww.

I said 'helping'.

Yah... uh....thanks!....ewwww


Looking adorable!

Looking even more adorable.

I can't even stand how adorable he is here!

Talking on the phone, sitting in a chair. This is his favourite passtime.

For Canada Day, I just wasn't into facing the crowds at a parade and the Canada Day festivities in Abbotsford. So, instead, I took the boys to the new waterpark and playground in Langley.

Here we've just arrived.

AJ's checkin' it out.

Water gear is on.
Go play, AJ!

Hey, don't just stand there and watch! Go play!

(cue crickets chirping)
Hello? Boys? Please, go play!

The ball is lonely. He wants you to play.
Here, let me throw it over there! Fetch!

Don't be shy now. Go! They look like they don't even know how to have fun.

I literally had to force them to have fun in the waterpark. I couldn't read my book,.... sniff sniff. I had to go into the waterpark and they followed me like a mama duck and her ducklings. Uggg.

Soon, we headed to the other side when the playground is. They had a blast. This was that day I told you about, where AJ fell through the ladder and the other mom helped him. Shame.

The playground has artificial turf. And, man, does it get HOT! Too hot to touch with barefeet!

Here's what AJ's been up to.

Some more detailed drawings.

There's your picture update!


ErIca said...

Yes, I had noticed your addiction has gotten worse over the last few months but haven't mentioned anything. I chose to look the other way and ignore the problem. Forgive me as I have watched you, my BFF, sink deeper into the pit of the "matching clothing" pit of despair and probably won't get out of it until the boys retaliate.

Glad to see that very expensive sleepytime tea has found a use (j/k... it was from Walmart).

AJ's drawings.... wow! Def not the sh*t mobile.

Efka said...

I love mitchy matchy, I try to always match either Keir and DH and coordinate me too.

Steph said...

Nice!! I love all the pics, they are so cute and look like they love playing together! They look adorable when they match - so funny you are doing it every day!!! Won't be long and they won't let you do that - lol!!

The Bee Hive said...

As I have gotten better with my matchy matchy, you have gotten worse! Enjoy it! Again, I say it every time... your boys are so handsome.