Monday, November 13, 2006

"Tooth Cuttin, Feet Clappin, Crawl to Sittin', Light Switchin, Hand Movin, Hand Clappin Fun"

Okay, so lots has been going on.

It appears that finally after all this pain and some night wakings because of 4 top teeth trying to push their way through, that you have finally cut one of them! Top, middle, left! Yay! One tooth, three more to go, for now!

You like to take my hands and clap them together. You love the sound of clapping.

You love the sound of clapping so much that you love to clap your feet together to make a clapping noise while you're sitting up.

You are sooooo close to crawling. You can commando crawl backwards and have for quite a while, but it was nothing to report because it frustrates you to not be going the direction you'd like to go. For quite a while now, you've liked to lunge forward from sitting so that it looks like you're about to crawl. You eventually would get into a crawl position after kicking out the last leg, and then, nothing. You started doing this more and more, just eventually putting your face down and pushing your legs out, so you're laying on your tummy. For the past few days, you've been doing this lunge non-stop and hang out in the crawl position for a while. Now, you've started moving your hands forward, but can't seem to figure out to bring your legs forward too.

Last night, you finally went from crawl position to sitting!

For the past week, I've been pushing your hand against our light switch to show you how to turn it on and off for your naps to start and end. It's part of our "goodnight radio, goodnight lamp, goodnight aquarium, goodnight mobile, goodnight big light"......... WELL TODAY YOU TURNED OFF THE LIGHT YOURSELF!!! YAY!

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