Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Climb to Kneel, Big Boy Bath, Pee Pee Potty, Rabble Rabble Babble Babble, Raisins, Mommy's Birthday"

It was Mommy's birthday yesterday and you've been out non-stop with Mommy (me) for two whole days. You played with your toys this evening as though you had never seen them before and they were a brand new gift! For Mommy's birthday, you went for a breakfast at Jill's on the 21st. You were a very good boy and had fun playing with the girls. You didn't want to go down for your nap, but eventually you did. You poor thing, you were sooooo tired. On the 22nd, you went to lunch with Grampa and Mommy at Milestone's. You were excellently behaved. They pretty much sectioned off a little carpetted play area for you! It was great! You also went for lunch with Auntie Erica and Mommy. You were well behaved there too. You tried a couple of Jack's raisins!

A couple of days ago, you were at your play table, and you used it to pull yourself up to kneeling so you could play!

When Daddy had to work late yesterday, you had a big boy bath in the big tub only. You had a blast!

Mommy bought your potty, and your travel potty today so she could start this "Elimination Communication/Early Start Potty Training" thing with you. You pee peed on the potty the very first time tonight! It was very exciting!

For the past couple of days, your new favourite words have been "Rabble Rabble Babble Babble" like the Hamburgler.

Well, I think that's everything to catch up on. Thanks for giving Mommy a great birthday!

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