Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Let it Snow, Soo-Soo Go"

Well, you are encountering your first snowfall. It began yesterday. It's BIG! There's about 9 inches on the parked cars. We bundled you in your snow gear, and took you to Mill Lake Park for some pictures on the swings.

You are having a rough time at getting to sleep yesterday and today, and probably tomorrow. I am trying desperately to wean your paci. It is definitely a 'prop' as opposed to a comfort. You can't fall asleep without it (unless you're in the car), and if you wake during a nap, you find it hard to settle. So, I've started "Pick Up / Put Down" from the Baby Whisperer to wean it. It's been horrible for a whole day, but it got better this evening.

You went to sleep without your pacifier for your afternoon nap, and your bedtime.

Good Job my little special-bum-cheeky-monkey! You poor thing! It will all be over soon!

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