Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Bang Bang Bang, Clang Clang Clang"

Well, for quite some time now (probably over the past three to four weeks), you've enjoyed making a racket. You've been enjoying banging your hands down on tables to make noise, on my hands to make a clapping noise, and on your high chair tray to make even more noise (and an incredible mess).

I've been noticing, recently, how much you enjoying banging things together which I think is pretty impressive. You love to bang your blocks together. At music, you were banging the shaker eggs together.

Today was VERY impressive. Today you took your two drumsticks and managed to hit them together for a quite a sound a few times! Good Job Cheeky Monkey!

By the way, at music, last class, you loved playing with this vibrating ball with rubber knobbies on it. It was hilarious to watch. I think I'm going to get you one (from PetSmart, hee hee).

I've been starting to make your Christmas list. I'm going nuts trying to decide what I'd like to get you. I'd really like to get you the Fisher Price Learning Home, Playskool's Dapper Dan, and a V-Smile baby video game system the most, but my list goes on and on! I'm so excited. I'd better start shopping now!

Yesterday we went to Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Kim and Uncle Paul's house for dinner. You had lots of fun playing with everyone and showing off your 'butt scoot'.

Today I read this "Are You Ready to Have Children?" quiz...

MESS TEST: Smear peanut butter on the sofa and curtains. Place a fish stick behind the couch and leave it there all summer.

TOY TEST: Obtain a 55-gallon box of LEGO (or you may substitute roofing tacks). Have a friend spread them all over the house. Put on a blindfold. Try to walk to the bathroom or kitchen. Do not scream because this would wake a child at night.

GROCERY STORE TEST: Borrow one or two small animals (goats are best) and take them with you as you shop. Always keep them in sight and pay for anything they eat or damage.

DRESSING TEST: Obtain one large, unhappy, live octopus. Stuff into a small net bag making sure that all the arms stay inside.

FEEDING TEST: Obtain a large plastic milk jug. Fill halfway with water. Suspend from the ceiling with a cord. Start the jug swinging. Try to insert spoonfuls of soggy cereal into the mouth of the jug, while pretending to be an airplane. Now dump the contents of the jug on the floor.

NIGHT TEST: Prepare by obtaining a small cloth bag and fill it with 8-12 pounds of sand. Soak it thoroughly in water. At 3:00 pm, begin to waltz and hum with the bag until 9:00 pm. Lay down your bag and set your alarm for 10:00 pm. Get up, pick up your bag, and sing every song you have ever heard. Make up about a dozen more and sing these too until 4:00 am. Set alarm for 5:00 am. Get up and make breakfast. Keep this up for 5 years. Look cheerful.

INGENUITY TEST: Take an egg carton. Using a pair of scissors and pot of paint, turn it into an alligator. Now take a toilet paper tube and turn it into an attractive Christmas candle. Use only scotch tape and a piece of foil. Last, take a milk carton, a Ping-Pong ball, and an empty box of Cocoa Puffs. Make an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower.

PHYSICAL TEST (Women): Obtain a large bean bag chair and attach it to the front of your clothes. Leave it there for 9 months. Now remove 10 of the beans.

PHYSICAL TEST (Men): Go to the nearest drug store. Set your wallet on the counter. Ask t he clerk to help himself. Now proceed to the nearest food store. Go to the head office and arrange for your paycheck to be directly deposited to the store. Purchase a newspaper. Go home and read it quietly for the last time.

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Find a couple who already have a small child. Lecture them on how they can improve their discipline, patience, tolerance, toilet training and child's table manners. Suggest many ways they can improve. Emphasize to them that they should never allow their children to run wild. Enjoy this experience. It will be the last time you will have all the answers.

via Memorable Moments from Masterworks and Daneille Grimes


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