Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Cucumber, Cottage Cheese, Guava?, Celery, More Teeth, Teeth Grinding, Funny Naptime, Fuzzy Books, No Kiwi!"

In the past 6 days, you've been busy.

You tried cucumber and you thought it was okay.

You tried cottage cheese and LOVED it. You love it as a finger food and stirred with fruit!

You were supposed to try guava, but there wasn't any in the store.

Today you'll try celery.

On the 15th, you got your other top tooth.

Your right lateral incisor (top right off centre) is just about through. I'll be glad when all of them are through and you can go back to regular sleeping.

When your two top teeth were through you were grinding your teeth at the bedtime bottle. Ewwwww!

As you are on the verge of your crawling milestone, your naps went haywire yesterday and a bit of the day before. Instead of going right to sleep at naptimes and quick to sleep at bedtime, you roll over onto all fours and decide that's a good time to practice crawling. When I come in the room, you start laughing hysterically. YOU GOOF!

You are loving your feely books right now. You go right for the bumpy, fuzzy, rough parts and scratch your fingers on it just like I showed you! So clever! So aware of texture...LOL!

Well, evidently I shouldn't have snuck kiwi into the food introduction. It's highly allergenic and you got a big rash. We'll save that for 1 year old with strawberries! Did you know that 1/3 of the population is allergic to kiwi? News to me!


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