Friday, November 10, 2006

"Talking?, On Your Hands and Knees, On and Off, Up Every Hour"

Well, yesterday, after one of your naps, I came in to get you and you were up on your hands and knees with one foot stuck out the crib slats. Does this mean your going to crawl soon? We'll see!

When we go into your room, I get you to turn on the light. Either you coincidentally push it, or you put your hand there and I push. I say, "ON!". When we leave your room, I get you to turn off the light, and the same thing goes on, but with me saying, "OFF!" Well, today, we turned the light OFF and I said, "Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!", and right away you said, "Yaaaaaaaa". It was pretty cool!

Last night and the night before you were up lots. Last night it was almost every hour. I'm very lucky that I can just pop in the pacifier and you go right back to sleep, but...

I can't figure out if you are waking because of teething pain or to look for your paci which I haven't been removing lately. I weaned it long ago, but it seemed to be comforting you during teething pain. Hmmmmm. I've pulled out yor paci for this morning's nap and I'll try to be diligent for the rest of the day! I think I should've just swaddled you last night. You probably would've stayed asleep.

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