Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Last Tooth, Tuna, Pull My Hair, Pick Up / Put Down, No Daycare, The Vacuum and The Hand Blender"

Your fourth top tooth came in yesterday! You didn't put up much of a fuss this time.

You tried tuna yesterday! You love it!

You've really started to take an interest in my hair. You like to pull my hair. You have a knack for pulling those back ones really hard! Ouch! My istinctual reaction is to attack or throw...... but I restrain myself of course! You little bum! It's weird what pain does. I've got to remember you're in my arms, and you're a baby wanting to play, not a vicious monster out to cause pain!

So we've been trying to wean the paci by doing the Baby Whisperer technique called pu/pd. It's been a lot of crying and rough times for these past 3 days, but it's gotten better and better. Last night you went to sleep with almost no fuss, and for this morning's nap, you went down within 15 minutes with only one intervention from me! Amazing. I think we're almost done! I am so proud of you! You are so strong!

Well, we couldn't make it for our second attempt at a daycare-trial-run! We woke up on time (Mommy at 5:30am, Daddy at 6:15am). We were ready on time at 7:00am. We headed out to the car only 5 minutes late, and.....

I couldn't open the back doors to get you in the car. Daddy tried to warm up the car to no avail. Then we heard the traffic reports and decided it wasn't worth the risk.

The vacuum - You are mesmerised by the vacuum. If you can't see me when I'm vacuuming, you cry.

The Hand Blender - What really upsets you is the hand blender for my shakes. You just scream in shear terror!

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