Friday, November 05, 2010

My Plans Have Been Thwarted.

Now I really wish that I had taken the boys to visit Richard on Thursday, or taken Erica up on her offer to watch the boys while I went out there.

Some background info:

I haven't had a cold in well over a year. The boys have had colds the past couple weeks that recently ended. I've been doing what it is that I do to make sure that I don't get the cold too.....

Sonja's No Cold Guarantee (*Sonja is not a doctor - this is merely her own remedy)
1. If your kids are sick or you feel even the slightest achy body or weird tickle in your throat, start taking Echinacea and Vitamin C each morning for the duration of their colds (I throw in a multi-vitamin too if I haven't been taking them regularly)
2. If you actually get any cold symptoms at all, take a DayQuil first thing in the morning or a NyQuil (if the symptom starts at night). The theory here is that if your body doesn't get a chance to experience the cold, then the cold cannot get worse. Know what I mean?


On Wednesday (after my 5 hour sleep), I headed to work, forgetting to take my Echinacea and Vitamin C before I left.

Wednesday night was the night of "The Fire" when the boys and I were up from 1-3am.

Well, I guess that's all I needed in order to get 'run down' enough for the cold to think it could get the best of me.

In the middle of the night last night (too late into the night for my to take a NiQuil) my throat started to feel funny. This morning, it felt really crazy and my voice is all sexy like Phoebe's in that episode with the 'sexy cold voice'.

So, when I woke this morning with the crazy throat, I started to take the DayQuil. So far, so good. Nothing's getting worse.


I can't rightly go visit Richard overnight as planned tomorrow and make him sick. So, Grand-Dan's off the hook once again for a two-boy-sleepover. I'll take tomorrow to rest and hopefully nip this in the bud.

As long as I'm getting better and not worse tomorrow, I figure that on Sunday, I'll take the boys out to visit Richard then, and wear a mask.

But no cuddling tomorrow night.

No kisses.

No spooning in the hospital bed.


On the Bright Side:
I had a good day today (gym, coffee, clean up the house, MORE sewing, and a nice visit with Erica and Jack!).

I'm, however, not going to brave the grocery store tonight with the boys. They're acting kind of weird today. Getting along wonderfully this evening, but doing real boy-play if you know what I mean.

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