Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 6/100 For Richard and Some Inspirational Reading

Through all of this, I usually tend to not search for information and worse case scenarios about Leukemia and such. Since each patient deals with different struggles through their ordeal it seems futile to base one's hopes and/or worries on someone else's story of their AML journey.

However, many people have been asking this question:

For how long will Richard be in the hospital?

It is really an unanswerable question. Everything depends on if the stem cells reject his body late next week and to what extent, if they do.

He could be in the hospital for 2 more weeks or more than 2 more months. Who knows.

Even if he did get out quickly, he would likely have daily appointments at the outpatient LBMT clinic at VGH meaning that he would not be 'coming home' anyways. He would instead have to go to the Cancer Lodge to avoid daily 2 hour drives (in bad traffic) back and forth from Abbotsford to VGH. It's also just a good idea for him to be there since it keeps him away from the germs that the boys and I bring home from school and such.

It's called the "100 Days of Hell" for a reason.

Anyhow, I decided, just this once to search for a good stem cell transplant story. I found this one:

A Stem Cell Transplant Success Story from a Woman Who Had AML

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