Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day 7/100 For Ricky - All About Mucositis

Texted a little "I love you" to Richard before I got into work this morning, and then didn't get a chance to talk to him on the phone until about 8:30pm or so tonight a couple of times.

Here's how he's doing according to those conversations:

Richard's still not feeling well at all (which, although it sucks, it is totally expected, so don't think that he's taken a turn for the worst or anything like that!).

The mucositis (from chemo and stuff) burns the intestinal track, creating ulcers, and is making eating unbearable.

I'm going to get clarification tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure he's on IV nutrition as opposed to the type that goes in a tube in your nose. I just assumed it was IV, and figured that if they stuck a tube in his nose, he would've mentioned that.

He's very nauseated throughout the day.

He's doing/feeling very horribly, and right now (much to his dismay) is on the patient-controlled morphine (although, as my mom reassures me, the amount is still regulated by the doctor) to help with the pain.

I don't believe his numbers have bottomed out yet, so things will get worse before they will get better in all likelihood, not to mention there's still a week before we witness the reaction of his stem cells to his body.

So, everything sucks for him right now, but on the plus side (if you'd like me to word it that way), there's nothing out of the ordinary going on considering his situation. It's very hard to describe how badly he must feel, especially since I cannot begin to imagine it myself, and Richard is SOOOOO not a complainer.

He's not one of those typical guys that turns into a newborn infant when he's sick. Not even Leukemia-sick.

Anyhow, I'm missing him terribly.

My tentative plan is to drive to my dad's on Saturday who will then me and the boys to visit Richard, leave me at the hospital to sleep over with Richard, and then he and the boys will come pick me up in the morning after the boys get to sleep over with Grand-Dan.

It will be Grand-Dan's first time having both boys for a sleepover!


*Continued thanks to my staff for caring and worrying about Richard (and me).

*Kim and Kareen for staying late so I could cut the boys hair and have the two girls plop them in the bath and get their jammies on, and Kim for watching the boys today (and Kareen for helping out in the afternoon).

*Kim for a fun talk last night.

*Erica for taking AJ for a playdate today.

*My sewing machine for making me smile at the end of the day!!!

*All of my FB friends for your many well wishes.

*All my friends (and family) who keep 'checking in' on me via phone and text.

*Karen (if I didn't already mention you) for bringing by some chicken and fun snacks for the boys!

*My old VCR downstairs that allowed me to watch Dirty Dancing in the background while I sewed!

93 days to go


Lee Ann said...

thanks for the updates Sonja. Poor Richard must be in a lot of pain from the sounds of it. Hoping you get to go this weekend and give him a big cuddle and you get a sleep over. love to you all xxxx

Lee Ann said...

oh and loving you watching Dirty Dancing while you sew, my faves are you've got mail, christmas vacation or christmas with the kranks. I must have another poke through my DVDs and give myself some variety LOL. YOu have inspired me x

Anonymous said...

Look forward to updates about Richard, you and the boys! Keep them coming even though they take time from your very busy schedule! Hi to Norma. Hugs to Richard.