Monday, November 01, 2010

Hallowe'en for the Boys and Day 5 / 100 for Richard


The hiccups are gone!!!! YAY! I hope that's permanent.

In a nutshell, Richard feels like crap. As expected, the chemo drugs are burning out his intestinal track all the way down.

His numbers are dropping, and he just feels horribly.

I talked to him a few times this evening. He, of course, sounds great on the phone, still joking, but honest too.

He got a blood transfusion yesterday and today, he received platelets.

Today was Day 5 - 95 to go.

Pumpkin Carving:

So, on Sunday, after a very busy few days, we lazed around in our jammies much of the day and we got around to carving our pumpkins. Once again, neither boy was interested in taking out the guts. No worries, as I wanted to save the seeds anyhow to bake (which reminds me.....).

My plan was to let the boys draw the faces on and then I would cut them out.

Dexter drew two eyes and a nose. I cut them out and asked him if he wanted his to have a happy face or a sad face. He said, "Sad fay."

He wanted it to have ears too, so we did ears.
Then, I let him just cut away anywhere he wanted with his child-friendly knife.
He was in his glory with that knife. He just punctured a whole bunch of slits into the forehead, which incidentally looked VERY cool once it was all lit up!

I had AJ draw a face and then I cut it out. He wanted to have a turn with the knife, so away he went.

There's Dexter's.

There are all the slits Dexter made.

And then, I looked over at AJ, and lo and behold, he was cutting another face all by himself. I LOVE those kid-friendly knives! They're so easy to use!

Trick or Treating:

We headed outside after dinner. By the time we did potty, the layers of clothing were put on, the costumes were on, the house was ready, and then AJ asked to go to the bathroom again, we headed outside around 6pm. We set up our pumpkins and put out chocolates and chips for people who would arrive when we weren't there. (We live off a reasonably busy road, so we don't get many kids).

We just left a sign that said, "Happy Halloween. We can't come to the door, so please take 1 bag of chips and 2 chocolates or 3 chocolates!" We came home to chocolate still left!

We headed down the road toward our usual trick or treating neighborhood. Here they are at their first house!

Dexter wasn't too sure about this skull in the window. AJ kept peering in people's windows to see if they were coming.

This house had a cool ghost that traveled across on a wire. Dexter wasn't sure what to think about that.

I think it just amazes Dexter that people gave him candy when he went to their door. Don't even get me started on the houses that let him choose the candy himself!

Dexter would not head up these steps right away.

We ran into Tarrie and his kids along the way. They joined us for a few houses before we headed back up to our street! I think Dexter is looking at Uncle Tarrie's scary mask right here.

This is just after AJ finished his counting-by-fives 'trick' That still has me laughing.

This is just after our last house on our own road at 8:15pm or so. They lasted two hours! I asked them if they wanted to do more houses and AJ said, "That was fun, but I think we're done now. It's time to go home and check out my bag! I think I saw a game in here!"

Home and exhausted. A family came to get some candy just after we took this picture.

AJ took a picture of Dexter and I.

Dexter took a picture of AJ and I.

The boys spent the next hour or so on the couch checking out all the candy and chocolate and having a free-for-all. AJ ate lots. Dexter just kept asking me to open packages and then he'd look at it and say, "EEuchkkk, no. You have it." He only wanted the Doritos and two Coffee Crisps.

I think AJ finally got to bed around 10pm. I'm sure glad I let Dexter sleep until 4pm!

These kids are ready for the time-change next weekend! So am I!


*To the many who invited us out trick or treating with them -
Thank you ALL. I just wanted to be a loner running on my own timeline. I know my kids are hardcore, walk for a long time, kind of trick or treaters. The boys and I had a good time alone! But thank thank thank you all for your offers and for being concerned!

Thanks for watching my boys while I went to my appointment today! Thanks for the visit!

Thanks for being on-the-ball for interims and coming over tonight! YOU ROCK!!

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ErIca said...

The pics they took of each other are so cute.
GLad you had a good time. OUr Halloween was very, very, wacky. I'll have to tell you about it sometime.
Is there anything Richard likes to eat right now? Does he want more freezies?