Saturday, November 20, 2010

Instead of Starbucks, Richard Gets a Rash

Well, we woke to snow in Vancouver. Not much had happened yesterday, but overnight it did.

Later in the day, we abandoned our idea to have a date to Starbucks when we realized that Richard didn't have his shoes with him. Only crocs. Oh well. I'm sure I could've trekked him overthere in one of the wheel chairs, covered in a blanket, but that would probably freak out the patrons, especially if he was wearing a mask.

You know, it's funny about the mask.

People look at mask-wearers oddly, probably wondering 'oh no.. what do they have? ... is it contagious?'

It doesn't cross their mind that the person might be protecting themselves from YOU!!!

If you ever see a mask-wearing person in a store, he/she is probably protecting himself/herself from you, not the other way around.

Food for thought.
In the bottom left of the colourful building, is the Starbucks.

The "on-call-ogist" came today and Richard let him know about the rash that seems to be starting on his lower arms. That can be the start of Grapht vs. Host, so they'll be watching that rash closely now.

Missing Richard already. That rash has got him a little extra worked up. Give him lots of love, emails, prayers, and Facebook messages. He needs it right now.

Thank yous

Thank you Dad for the gas, the dinner, the winter windshield wipers, and the drive to and from the hospital, and for taking Richard's laundry.

Thank you Jen C for the Starbucks gift card!

Thank you Mom for taking the boys the last two nights. We sure appreciated the cuddles.

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