Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day 8/100 For Richard and.... the Fire!!!

Part One:

Richard now has a suction tube. The swallowing hurts sooo badly that he is using a dentist suction tube thingy to get the saliva out instead of swallowing.
Poor guy.

So, when I talked to him earlier today and he was telling me how he was feeling, he said, "Oh, and I'm on the push-button morphine now." I said, "Yah, I know. You told me last night." He said, "I wasn't on it last night. They were only planning on putting me on it." I said, "Then why did I write it on the blog after I talked to you?"

Hmmmmm. Which scenario do you think is more likely?

1. Richard is on crazy drugs and told me he was already on it even though he wasn't.

2. I'm a bad listener and prematurely wrote it when he was indeed not on it yet.

Both are plausible.

I think we both know that. The disagreement didn't continue any further because both scenarios are very likely.

Otherwise, he stills feels VERY crappy.

*92 days left*

Part Two:

The Fire!!!

Here's the article.

So, last night around 1am (so, yes, technically, this morning), I hear fire engines. This is not unusual, but about three of them stopped in front of my house. They appeared confused, and then took off to the next road, and turned down the farm road toward what I then noticed was a gigantic fire. I thought at the time it was a forest fire, but was aware there is a farm and it could be the barn. Regardless, it was HUGE!! I'm really bad with judging distance, but I feel like it was about two football fields away. Close enough (and surrounded by trees) that I worried sparks could quickly catch more trees on fire and easily make it to my house.

I wasn't in a panic, but I was awake and am very much a 'better safe than sorry'. I surely did not want to go to sleep and then be awakened by fire fighters telling me to evacuate immediately. I had my suitcase close by, so I thought it best to be prepared. I reluctantly texted Richard to say, "If you're awake, call me." He promptly did. I told him what was going on and asked him if there is anything important he'd like me to pack. He told me what he would want, I packed some other important documents (like what appeared to be the house insurance), and a change of clothes for each of us. I also got warm coats and shoes ready on stand by. Oh ya, and the camera too.

Then, I remembered... my marking for school! That would suck to try to do report cards without any marks from first term.

Long story, short, the fire trucks kept having to come fill up with water over by my house, it was noisy, both boys woke up from all the noise, we sat on the couch and watched Toy Story 3 until 3am, and the fire was all contained and out by then.

It was a crazy night.

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