Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fish Tank Fiasco

I was not going to write to you about my 7am adventure with water squirting out the top of the fish tank all over the computer room floor because then you'd want to ask...

What? Why was water squirting out the top of the fish tank? Where's the lid?

And I would have to reply with:

Richard took the lid off and the water was squirting out due to the water level being too low, I'm pretty sure.

Then you would ask:

Why was the water level too low? That can't be good for the fish!

And I would have to reply with:

There are no fish in the tank.

Then you would ask:

Why do you have a running fish tank with no fish in it?

And I would have to reply with:

Who knows. Ask Richard. His fish died over 2 years ago. I think he was considering new fish, but stuff diverted his attention from that, like, oh, I don't know....

Leukemia maybe?

But, I thought for some reason that he had turned off the fish tank before he left for the hospital. I don't know why I thought that, but I did.

Normally, if the water level gets a little low, the fish tank makes some weird noises, I add a couple jugs of water, and all is well again.

I've noticed the water evaporating and looking very low, but the tank wasn't making any noise, so I just assumed it was off.

This morning, when I went out to the living room with Dexter to get his morning fruit smoothie, I heard what sounded like a waterfall coming from downstairs. It didn't sound like the crazy sound the fish tank makes if it gets low and it sounded trickly and pretty, not like something horrible, like a water tank leak or something or a washing machine gone wild.

I headed downstairs and sure enough, the sound was coming from the fish tank.

I thought, "Holy #@$%$W! I didn't know that thing was on!"

I ran upstairs, filled up a giant jug of water and came down to pour it into the fish tank with minimal 7am lighting.

As I was pouring, I could feel water spraying onto my hand and arm.

I thought, "Hmmmm. That's not right."

I stepped closer, and now, noticed water on the floor and the tank was spraying water onto my head!

There isn't enough lighting in the computer room to see under the tank to unplug it, plus, I worried about being electrocuted.

I ran upstairs to get some towels and laid one over the fish tank so it would stop spraying all over the place. I got under the tank fished around for the cord (no pun intended), found it, and unplugged the fish tank, but it was still running! What kind of demonic possessed fish tank runs without electricity! ?

I ran back upstairs to grab some more towels and find the blue flashlight (sorry about that frantic 7am phone call about the blue flashlight's whereabouts, Richard - You may be in the hospital, but you're still my man), so I could look for another cord under there. Richard said to turn off the power bar. I found the other plug, unplugged it, and then turned off the power bar.

Phew. Rest assured, it must've been a recent spraying, as it's only about a 3 x 3 area that got wet and nothing near the servers and such.

On another note -

I still do not have a cold, and my throat no longer feels weird, however, I still have the sexy voice going on.

Weird. Maybe I had that same one day-throat-funny thing that Richard's mom had the week before. Here and gone in a day.

Regardless, I'm taking precautions. Still pounding back vit C and echinacea and going to still take a DayQuil or two today.

My dad very kindly offered that if I am indeed sick tomorrow, he could come pick up AJ for his skateboarding lesson in Vancouver and then take him to visit Richard.

We'll see how the day pans out.


I didn't want to brave the grocery store with the boys yesterday, but I'm feeling confident today.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

What a freeeeking way to start your day!!!You have had a rough week. I am glad you are feeling better and look forward to seeing you whenever. Skateboard lesson for A.J. sounds like a lot of fun. Love Grannie

Tony said...

Sonja, I admire your wonderful sense of humour. You had me totally in stitches with this last blog. I have nothing but the upmost respect for you! I've only met you all recently but I can see that Richard is very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife and mother to his kids. Having been through it myself, I know what you are going through, I've seen it first hand. I just want to tell you that I think you are AMAZING!! I won't be trivial and tell you to "keep strong", (not that it's a bad thing) but it's like telling an angry person to calm down!! Just know that you are not alone. I can see the wonderful support in your family and friends. Keep up the funny blogs. Laughter IS THE BEST MEDICINE!!! and you are great at it!!! Rock ON!!!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thanks, Norma,

Thanks, Tony.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with Tony.... I was reading your fish tank fiasco to Murray and we were laughing big time and when we woke up this morning I said something about it and that started the laughter again. A great sense of humour is a wonderful asset and your writing is as amazing as you are!! Big hugs as always to you all -- lots of love Aunt Mary & Uncle Murray

ErIca said...

So the fish tank finally fought back, huh? I was wondering when that thing would crack or fall apart or something.
Sorry you didn't get to visit Richard.
Funny blog.