Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

No pictures for this post, sorry.

No bad tales of horrible traffic either!

My mom picked up the boys after work on Friday to take them for a sleepover so I could see Richard for our anniversary (and stay over at the hospital since he wasn't being released from hospital due to his fever).

The whole day was running pretty late after the boys and I all accidentally slept in until 8am throwing off the whole day.

By the time I left the house, it was around 5:30pm or something like that. I seriously don't even remember. It was late enough that I skipped getting my VERY much needed, LONG OVERDUE haircut. ARG. But, I needed to get going.

Since I've decided that I loath hwy #1 and since I needed to drive to Dad's anyhow, I took Fraser Hwy all the way to Hwy #10 and took the #99 to Richmond. It was AMAZING! I swear I was like the only car of Fraser Hwy until I hit right into the heart of Langley. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive. It was fast. It was just spectacular. Honestly. No sarcasm at all.

I left my car at Dad's. Dad took me for dinner where we got to meet up with more of my from-out-of-town relatives (Auntie Karen and Joel). We all drove together in Dad's van to pick up a burger for Richard at Wendy's and to drop me off at the hospital.

I finally got there around 9pm ish. I set up the cot that I brought from home because we were pretty sure that Richard's roomate's wife was using the pull-out that night (but she didn't) and had a sub-par sleep, but I got to sleep in until 9:45am! Before heading to the cot, I got to sleep for about an hour with Richard in his hospital bed before he kindly and understandingly kicked me out.

Richard's sleep was not great. His fever has gradually gotten worse, to the tune of 39.9 C today (103.82 F for my American friends or friends and family who still think of body temperature in F like I do). He alternated between sweating profusely and having those uncontrollable shivers that feel like your muscles are getting a crazy workout. Then he'd be okay for a while, then sweats, then chills again.

It was a pretty rough night for him and the day was pretty uncomfortable for him too. We fit in lots of kisses and hugs, but mostly, it seemed he was just happy to have me there reading my book (thanks Jen!) while he rested.

I'm not sure when he'll be going to the lodge now since he still had a fever when I left. I'll bet it will be during my two days of work this week, therefore, it'll be my dad that moves him from the hospital to the lodge. We'll see. Unless I head out with the boys again Monday, I can't imagine I'll see him again until Wednesday night, after work, which is tempting, or Thursday some time.

Many Thanks to give....

Mommy - For taking the boys over night and to the waterslides, and for the anniversary card and $ if I didn't already thank you for that.

Jen - For the book "Good in Bed" that had me laughing out loud in the hospital and reading parts to Richard.

Kim - For being willing to stay over here Monday night and Tuesday night to watch the boys on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I can go to my professional-days.

Auntie Karen and Joel - For visiting in the van on the way to the hospital. I love talking with you, Auntie Karen. It can be a whole year without seeing you and when we visit, it's like I just saw you the week before.

Dad - For driving me to the hospital and coming to pick me up. For dinner last night and for lunchish-dinner today.

Elva and Norma - For my Reitmans teaching-clothes. I got to do a little shopping! My idea was to take pictures of myself in the clothes to show you (who knows when I'd get around to that) or to get pictures of the clothes off the Reitman's site, but I actually couldn't find them. So, I'll just thank you now, so it doesn't get forgotten! Thank you!

Richard - For understanding why I got there so late on Friday night, and for letting me share your little bed for that hour or two before you kicked me out. Love you. I missed you the second I left. I can't wait until you are home.

Okay, it's 11:40pm. I got home 30 minutes ago from my mom's house. YIKES! Three crazy late nights for the boys. Phew. Hope they're okay tomorrow! I'm going to curl up in front of the tv now and see if it's an episode of SNL that I possibly haven't seen.

******totally forgot to say.... the drive home was spectacular as well. I came home practically the same way I drove to Richmond (Hwy #10 and Fraser Hwy). It was golden. I couldn't have asked for a better commute!


ErIca said...

Glad the drive was good this time! I'll have to tell you about the Harris/264 shortcut... well that's just it.. take Harris to 264 if traffic looks bad.
And, why are you going into work? Are your work days going to be Friday this year?

Lee Ann said...

Happy anniversary! I hope Richards fever passes soon and your week goes well. Fraser highway , you should have known it would be spectacular! All in the name ;-) xxxx

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Lee Ann - lol

Erica - pro-d's. Aren't you coming?

ErIca said...

I wasn't planning on it, since there isn't many options for childcare, plus I don't get paid.... but then... Dean asked me to at least come to Tuesday so I'll be there for that one.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Unless my work day is on the in-lieu day or days, I won't be getting paid either, but the nice thing is that if I have to bail, I won't feel guilty.