Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update On Richard Being Admitted

The story we were told yesterday was that he will more than likely be admitted on Wednesday after he gets his bloodwork done. I really want the boys to get to help him get settled in his hospital room, so the plan is to bring them tomorrow.

Now they called to say that he should still come in for the bloodwork tomorrow, but the bed may not be available, possibly getting the hickman line installed on a FAMOUS (or should I say infamous) FRIDAY instead of tomorrow when he was maybe going to be admitted.

ARG. Here we go. It's all starting.

The plan tomorrow is going to be to drop Richard off and take off with the boys tomorrow to avoid being stuck with another $20 charge for the parkade. I want to save that for the day he's admitted. If he is being admitted, then Richard will call me on my cell and head back with the boys. If not, I'll head back with the boys when he's ready to be picked up.

We'll keep you informed, but for now, that's the plan. Who knows what they'll have in store for him when he arrives.

How's Richard doing? Stressed out. He says he's not ready this time. One day to pack and get everything you need in order is not enough. You should see the sassy printout he gave me to help me with any computer problems I may have.

He's trying to remember all the things he needs to pack. Trying to remember what he forgot last time.

We leave tomorrow around 7:30am.

All that, and they'll probably send him home afterwards.

I'm off to pack lunches and snacks for tomorrow. I'll fill you in when I have more information.

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