Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Long Long Day

Ahhhh, home at last.


The plan was to move Richard to the Cancer Lodge today and to have Richard and the boys get to visit. However, last night, Richard told me that the plans were already changing and that they might not release. Jinkies. For people who were so keen to kick him out and free up a bed, they sure are having trouble getting rid of him.

Then today, he had a fever, so that pretty much sealed the deal that he'll be staying in the hospital, at least for another day. No problem though. I still brought out his giant suitcase of stuff and I'll be seeing him again tomorrow for our anniversary.

Richard looked good, but sick. You know, like someone who hasn't been outside for two weeks and doesn't feel well. He was definitely spent and had enough of 'sitting up' about 45 minutes into the visit. He was really happy to see the boys, and luckily, the boys held it together long enough for a good visit despite being in 'grown up situations' most of the day.

I will see Richard again tomorrow and I'll sleep over at the hospital for our anniversary. I don't think he'll get moved to the lodge tomorrow, but I won't discount that possibility either.

If you just wanted to know how Richard's doing, you can stop reading now. If you want to hear about the long day, then read on.

Why the long long day?

Wanting to avoid hwy #1 at all costs (Seriously, don't get me started. Don't even get me started), and having relatives from out of town at my dad's house, had me drive to Richmond first, before heading to Richard.

Long story, but I'll do point form.
*10:30 -left an hour later than planned for my roughly 1.25 hour drive
*road work on the highway, had to detour, stupidly, I'll add
*had to stop for a pee break
*had to stop again to unexpectedly get gas because I just watched in horror as my gas needle moved way too quickly
*Dexter only slept for the last 15 minutes before getting to my dad's
*12:30 ish - unpacked the boys' lunches (it was about a half hour past their normal lunch time)
*'everyone' (my dad, his cousin Peter from Switzerland and his partner Valerie, my cousin Robert, and my cousin Janice) all wanted to head out for lunch
*hoped for the best, packed up the boys' lunches and we headed to Cactus Club
*the boys were wonderfully behaved and devoured their lunch AND a giant plate of fries.
*back to my dad's - the boys were getting antsy and for good reason - no naps
*4:45pm - headed to the hospital, in the slow lane behind a bus so that both boys had a chance to nap
*5:15pm - parking

YAY! Daddy! We've missed you sooooo much!

AJ took some pictures of us.

Keeping Dexter busy with Rescue Heroes after lots of Daddy-hugs.

AJ keeping busy with Daddy.

This picture's actually just for me so that I can look at it on my phone whenever I want. Or maybe even while I'm smelling his shirt with which I sleep at night. Was that TMI?

The boys did well at my dad's and the hospital considering their long day. But now, I had two boys who had napped until 5:15pm, leaving the hospital close to 7:30pm. I needed to tucker these boys out.

I drove across the road to find parking beside a close playground and there were just no spots. Remind me never to move to the city. I guess you can't have parties because no one would be able to park near your house.

Went to the next playground, no parking.

Went to an elementary school that I pass on the way home - Florence Nightingale Elementary.

Parking. I guess because parents need to drop off their kids.

Go Dexter go!

me - "AJ, if you do bark-mulch-angels, you'll have bark-mulch all over you and maybe get slivers."
AJ - "I don't have bark-mulch on me."
me - "Yes, you do."
AJ - "No, I don't. I got it all off."
me - "Here, I'll take a picture of your hoodie and show it to you."
AJ - "Oh."
Which brings up a funny story from yesterday. AJ wanted to play with his Disney-Pixar Cars that we keep in Dexter's room (because they fit on Dexter's plastic train track). I reminded him (knowing that he was using his train table) that those cars don't work on his wooden track. They don't fit. The same sort of back and forth, occurred like the hoodie-bark-mulch-discussion. He runs off to his room and then comes back to me in the kitchen.
AJ - "Mom they do fit. You need to come into my room. YOU were wrong. This is going to be great."

What a little bum.

(btw- for the record, he wasn't right - yes, the car can ride on top of it, but it doesn't 'fit')

I'm really not sure why these pictures all turned out so crappily.



LONG drive home including a lane closure on the highway, and the boys not falling asleep (partially my fault for letting them watch a dvd on the way home). Peter Pan on the way there and Little Mermaid on the way back.

Oh ya, and after being detoured off the highway, a car accident happened just 3 cars ahead.

Wow. The rain is crazy right now. I'm just listening to the torrential downpour outside.

Came home, let them finish watching their movie and have a snack and a water. AJ looked after 'brushing teeth time' for both of the boys.

And I topped off my long day by letting them have a sleepover at 10:30pm in Dexter's room because I'm THAT CRAZY.

Thanks ahead of time to Mom and Ken who will take the boys overnight tomorrow so that I can sleep over with Richard at the hospital for our anniversary.

Thank you so much to Peter and Valerie for a delicious lunch and great visit, and to my cousins Robert and Janice for a great visit and for indulging AJ while he wrote you all those notes.

Thanks to Dad for driving to Cactus Club. I was all driven out.

Thanks to Richard's Auntie Elaine and Uncle Bill for the lovely anti-Happy Anniversary card and gift. Thank you for your well wishes.

Thanks to Richard's parents, Norma and Bud, for the wonderful Anniversary card and gift.

Thanks ahead to my sister who will be staying over night for two nights to watch the boys on my two work days this coming week. I can't believe school's starting already.

Thank you to Richard for staying awake to visit with us today!


Tara said...

I'm exhausted just reading that.

I hope you have a shorter day today...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonja, You are doing a wonderful job as a a wife to Richard and a Mommy to those 2 super grandboys. thx for all the pictures and info. Happy Anniversary to 2 dear people. Lots of love, Mom,

ErIca said...

Shite- that sucks. I hate traffic.
I hope Richard gets in the the lodge.

Happy Anniversary, BTW!