Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Tale of the Crazy "On-Call-ogist"

That's right, I said "On-Call-ogist", not Oncologist.

To be sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a crazy clone.
Who pretended to be the oncologist
And tried to send Richard home.

The man is surely an oncologist,
But he's the weekend one on call.
He came in to Richard's room today.
And acted like a know-it-all. And acted like a know-it-all.

"So today's you're last day of chemo" he said,
"And how do you feel?",
Richard replied, "I feel good today".
And so began the spiel. And so began the spiel.

The "On-Call-ogist" said Richard could go home tomorrow or the next day.
Only 6 days in?
Instead of 20?
Do you live nearby? No we don't.
That's okay, you can drive in everyday,
Here all the way to VGH.

So this is the tale of the "On-Call-ogist",
Who met Richard for the very first time,
Tomorrow the 'real guy' should be in,
And he can clarify.

The nurse came in and we both said,
"Could that really be the truth?",
He said, "Well they're pretty desperate for beds",
That nurse is quite a sleuth.

With barely an immune system.
Barely any cells at all.
He can barely walk a lap around,
The LBMT ward halls.

So join me here tomorrow my friends,
When we hear from the 'real guy',
Whether Richard gets to keep his bed,
Or he is told, "Good-bye".

That's pretty much the jist of it. This was followed by me making sure to say to Richard exactly what my mom had said the day before that "You are your own advocate. If you don't like the way something is being done, you need to speak up."

As I stated in the last post, my mom kept the boys overnight so I could stay at the hospital overnight with Richard again.

Mom, Ken, the boys, and I, headed to VGH to visit Richard Saturday afternoon. He was feeling quite great. He had been sick first thing in the morning, but was feeling well after that. Richard enjoyed some big hugs from the boys, a visit, and then Mom and Ken headed back with the boys and left me at that hospital with Richard. It was a great visit. We played some cards, we hung out, we talked, we cuddled. It was wonderful (thanks Mom!). The next day, all was good. Richard was still having a good day, but was tired (in need of a transfusion) and exhausted. He was about to take a nap, so I called my dad to come get me. My dad picked me up, we went for lunch, and he drove me back to my house so Ken could get Mom and take her back home. (Thanks Dad, and thanks Ken).

But... while I was at the hospital with Richard this morning, the on-call, oncologist came in and said that Richard could probably go home tomorrow or the next day. That's crazy. Not to mention that if it was true, I'm sure Richard's real oncologist would have said something to him just the day before, when he was there on Saturday. When the nurse mentioned the 'desperate for beds' thing, that just ARG, made me sooo mad. I mean, granted, I feel badly that someone is therefore, waiting for a bed, but geesh! I don't know what to think! I'll stay calm until Richard's oncologist comes, I'm assuming, tomorrow. I mean, Richard was told he'd be in there for 3-4 weeks, just like last time. He's only been in there for 9 days, and the chemo didn't start until his 3rd day in. I don't who he thinks he is.

A BIG thanks to Erica for another one of her wicked Mystery Gifts, full of a cool t-shirt of which hopefully Richard will take a picture, many little gifts for all of us, stuff to keep the boys busy, and many chocolate bars for Richard! oh ya, and a Wendy's gift card!

A thank you to Auntie Brenda and Uncle Al for your cards and $. The boys loved their t-shirts from Las Vegas and are, in fact, sleeping in them right now.

A thank you to Michele and Robert for the gift cards they sent.

And do you think I remembered to take a picture of Richard and the boys? No. How about a picture of the boys with Gram and Papa? No. The boys and Grand-Dan. No. How about Auntie Kim during her last visit? No.

I can't remember all the things I was going to say, but I can sum it up with being happy that I got to see Richard.


Efka said...

Great pics.

ErIca said...

LOL LOL- I have been WAITING for the epic poem for over a year now!!!
ahhhh thank-you!

Anonymous said...

Ya, the bed thing drives me batty too. seriously??? WTF? As my dad would say many times in my youth (not necessarily to me but I would 'hear it'), "shake your head...your brain is stuck" (this meaning for the on-call-ogist).
On another note....LOVED the poem!!! You've got some mad skills girl!