Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Photos of the Boys: AJ - 4.5 Dex - 2.5

Alton - 4.5 years old (almost) Dexter - 2.5 years old

Thank you so much for the photo session today, Gillian.

The plan each year is to take individual photos of the boys at the time of their birthdays (Alton is March and Dex in January), and then do what I call "brother photos" roughly at the time of their half-birthdays. So, in August when AJ isn't quite 4.5 years and Dex is just a little over 2.5, it's the 3rd annual brother photos. I never did mail off or even develop last year's!!! Oh dear!

Here's the first session (taken by Richard) when the Dexter was 6 months and Alton was 2.5 years.

Session #1

Here's the second session (taken by Richard) when Dexter was 1.5 years and Alton was 3.5 years.

Session #2

And here's a sneak peak at the third session (taken by my friend, Gillian). Gillian takes amazing photos and was looking for models so she could practice, and I'm guessing, build her portfolio. YAY! Thanks again, Gillian!

Here's AJ. This is a classic AJ look. I said to Gillian, "I bet he's looking at me in that photo," and she said, "He is. I can tell because I can see your reflection in his eyes."

My Alton. So serious.

My Dexter. Always laughing.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, the boys look so grown up! Richard and you make good babies!

Love ya,