Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Sleepover With Richard

Mom and Ken are coming out tomorrow so we can all (including the boys) go visit with Richard. We will be toting along a special gift bag from Erica (Last year, she made a mystery box. This year, it's a mystery bag. Rumor has it, she's made another t-shirt). We're excited to see what's inside!
I wanted to put a link to the box she made up for Richard last year, but it's the weirdest thing. I really thought that Richard posted it on his blog last year, but the post I'm thinking of is on my blog on June 17th, 2009 or so. But I can't bring up just that post to be able to link that particular entry. I thought that maybe it was because he wrote it, not me, but it says it was written by me! ARG. I don't know.

Anyhow, while perusing the first days of chemo entries from last summer, I realized that Richard had the chest pain and arm pain on day 2 last year too. In fact, I slept over at the same time last year and it appears that my visit was identical. However, Richard claims this chest pain was different from last year's. Hmmmm.

After we visit with Richard, Mom and Ken will drive back to my place, leaving me overnight with Richard. Then Ken will leave Mom overnight at our place with the boys. On Sunday, my dad will come pick me up at the hospital and drive me back to my place so Mom can get home, and I assume my dad will be staying for a visit!

The puzzle pieces are fitting nicely together for this weekend, but I shouldn't jinx myself just yet.

Here's that picture I was trying to explain that AJ made for Richard. Daddy is in the bed getting a blood tranfusion (that's all the reddy-pink) from the machine that gives him medicine.

Not exactly his best use of a variety of colours, but it's deep, you know? In the finished pic, you can see the machines on the left are full of blood and if you look closely at Richard's hospital bed, that line from the machines breaks into three that are attached to him. Standing beside the bed are: me at the top, AJ just below, and Dexter off to the bottom left corner.

When I got the boys back from Auntie Kim's, AJ wanted to help with 'cleaning up' and putting things away. In an effort to help keep his train track pieces orderly (and truly in an effort to avoid MUCH more important housework), I was making some labels for his train baskets.

He said that he wanted to make signs too. I came back down the hall to see a picture below each of my labels. According to AJ they each are a picture of a big kid and a little kid, so that people know that the trains are for big kids AND little kids (like Dexter) to play with.
The second basket down on the left has 'special connectors' and stuff like that. You know, the pieces with two female ends or whacky track, etc. AJ tells me that in that picture, the little kid is looking up at the big kid to ask him how to use those ones because they are tricky. Sure enough, if you look at the little kid, his eyes are looking up to the big kid. It's pretty cute.

On the walk from the car to my gym, AJ and Dex like to balance-walk along the wall. This is Dexter.

AJ has now seen my phone and is asking for 'brother pictures'.
Come on Dex, hurry up!

And the finaly...

There's no way you are ready for this.


Now, I know with all the estrogen in soy, and not to mention all those hormones pumped into the milk or is it meat? ...... anyhow... they say that girls are 'developing' faster and earlier than before, but this is ridiculous!

Here's the picture that AJ drew a few weeks ago at Starbucks of him and Makenna swimming, doing backfloats in Auntie Jen's pool.

Yah. lol.
Rest assured, Makenna looks NOTHING like this.

me - "ummmm, AJ tell me about this picture"
AJ - "It's me and Makenna doing backfloats in her pool"
me - (pointing to the boobies) - "What are these?"
AJ - "That's Makenna."
me - "Yes, I figured that out, thank you. But what are these."
AJ - "Oh" (imagine a grin and him turning his face away a little, looking mischievous)

Sending 'shout outs' to Michele for her card and gift cards, Erica for her mystery bag, and to the anonymous person I thanked a couple days ago for paying for my overnight parking and gas for my last visit with Richard!


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about you guys this weekend. And tell Richard not to make this thing a yearly habit, because I'm running out of T-shirt ideas.
I won't be around this week to explain "the shirt".....I think it's cool except for the "purple line" which you will see. I'd even wear it myself, if it weren't for the domestic violence part of it (before I stole the picture and turned her into 'Leukemia', she was actually AntMan's girlfriend- wah wah).

xoxoxox lots of love xoxoxo

ErIca said...

Oh... and *tear* about the red picture and *tee hee* about the blue picture.

Also, my cousin wrote about you on her blog:

Aili said...

The picture of AJ and Makenna is precious...and hilarious!!

Hey S...could you please email me your address. I've lost it!