Sunday, September 28, 2008

Doing Some Comparison

So, I was just looking back at what AJ was doing at this age...

I thought AJ didn't crawl until 9.5 months, but it was 8.5 months, so he and Dex are just about the same.

AJ had tried some more foods by now, but I've been more cautious with Dexter and can't really introduce dairy. But I'd really like to go out and buy some guava. Evidently, I thought it was really good with pears for AJ. I bet Dexter would love it.

AJ was really liking his touchy-feely books right now and would dive at those parts of the books. Oopsies, Dexter. I'd better get those out for you!!!

I was trying to teach AJ how to turn off and on his light. Ummmm. Hmmmm. I'd better get on that, I guess!

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