Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Nice Day

Today we went to Captain Kids with Auntie Erica (and Jack and Rya), Dione (and Owen and Adam), and Karen (and Trevor and Matthew).

It was such a big day of fun. AJ FINALLY realized that tubes and climbing structures are fun, not scary. After watching everyone play (classic AJ) for about 20 minutes, he was watching Auntie Erica and Jack go down the slide and he decided he wanted to go too, so he climbed. This is big, like the old PNE slide. Way to go, AJ! He played and played. We arrived around 10:30, and left around 2:00pm. It was sweaty, hard playtime for AJ. So great. Thanks for the invite Auntie Erica.

We visited my friend Sharon today who moved up the street from me and I realised what a great path and park we have behind us. Met neighbor kids and everything. What fun!

Weight update.
Hmmm, maybe all this crawling around and shuffling and standing is burning calories. Weighed Dexy today... only 20 lbs. AJ, 24.

I forgot to mention the ...

Starbucks Suicide Mission

All I have to say is, "Why?"
Why do we continue to try to go to Starbucks with 2 or 3 toddlers and 3 or 4 babies? Is it fun? No.
Do we get to actually talk? No.

And then, what did we (Jen and I) decide would be an even better idea? Heck, let's walk over to Homesense too! Yah, that will be fun.


No more Starbucks with toddlers and babies. Drive thru and head to a park. That's the way to go.

Sonja C


ErIca said...

Yay for the pictures ! Are the ones from the brothers session up on your site yet?

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

yes!!! About 9 pages!