Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy Doesn't Have Bad Ju-Ju

Well, Dexter's freaky nights are over. Seems it was a growth spurt approaching and is now over. Three nights of taking a 7 oz dreamfeed (10:00pm) and then done! He did have a cold though too, and is teething, and tomorrow I'm going to see if he has an ear infection. So, it could be a combo of all of that.

Fairies and Pirates!
AJ had a great time at our friend Emily's 5th birtthday. It was a fairies and pirates themed party. There were games, swords, bubbles, a pinata, cake, treats, burgers, hot dogs, lights, and lots of fun things to do.
AJ really enjoyed the building thingies that are like straws combined with tinkertoys, the truck and horse trailer, and the Polly Pockets car. Dexter was wonderful despite not fitting in his longer nap. AJ behaved very well, as usual, and didn't put up a fuss when it was time to go.

Playing Pirates
Now I'm being asked if I can play pirates. We dress up in fireman hats and use pool noodles as swords. We're quite a pair sailing the open seas in the laundry basket.

Our New Neighborhood
It is so great to have Sharon's family move so close to us. We've gone for a walk in the late afternoon almost every day to go play, ride bikes, or today, ride a scooter. Emily and Claire have a scooter that's AJ's size, and he rides like a pro even though he had never ridden one before. They have a trampoline too, and AJ loves that.

Park Pride

It is amazing how much AJ has changed since the beginning of the summer at the park. At one of our local parks, there is a giant rock that the 'big kids' climb. It looks really hard to do, and it must be at least 9 or 10 feet up. AJ can scale it no problem. At another park, there's a rope to hold while you use your feet to climb up the shapes. AJ used to need me there for support, but not anymore. Today, after Dexter's shots, we headed there again, and AJ's doing all these things he couldn't do before or never tried before. I should've taken pics for examples. It's too hard to explain. He does this spiral thingy, and this big yellow half tube type climbing thing. Yah, this doesn't make any sense. It probably doesn't even make sense to people who know these playgrounds! I'll stop attempting to explain and just say that AJ's really growing up!!! He loves to climb.
A recent 'wear em out' night trip to the park.

Dexter's Shots
I'm running behind on vaccinations, and today, at 8 months old, was Dexter's 6 month appointment. As I mentioned, he had lost some weight. According to their scales, he's just about 29 inches, and he's 21 lbs, 11 oz. He's in the 75th percentile. They actually told us! They've never done that for AJ. Dexter was a trooper. He didn't cry very much. But, following the shots, he didn't have a very happy day.

Stroller #7? #8? I've Lost Count

Do I actually have 7 or 8 strollers? No, but have I owned this many strollers? Yes. But that counts umbrella strollers, which don't really count, right?
We've decided to sell our two main strollers (all terrain single and regular double) and we've purchased the stroller we should've bought to begin with... the Phil and Ted's with the toddler seat attachment. Does AJ 'need' a seat. No, he can walk. But I need him to have a seat for when I need to get somewhere fast, or when he's acting like a buttmunch. It's already a dream. It's everything I need in a stroller. AJ loves his 'special spot', it's easy to handle, and it's just, just, just great!

Preschool Push

Preschool, after all the debate about which day to do and not being able to get the Wednesday I wanted, has been moved to Wednesday because Dexter's music class got moved to Wednesday, and I didn't want to drive that far twice a week. So, she let AJ do Wednesdays now. YAY!

And I keep forgetting to post these pics of the boys at around 7.5 months. The silly thing is that Dex always poses smiling and AJ hardly ever does, but they're the opposite here.


ErIca said...

What time do you take your kids to the park??? Midnight? LOL- I know that was the night you called but these pics look freaky.

Cute pictures! If you want them bigger there is an option when you post of "small, med, large."

I have to send you a pic of Jack at 7.5 months. Dex looks more like him than AJ!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

By the time we left, it was 8:00pm!!!Hmm, I think it's not just that it's making them smaller, it's resizing them. I have the camera set up to take 4x6's instead of 'computer sized' pics, IYKWIM. I think the site is changing them back to computer sized. No biggy.
If I'm wrong though, tell me what to do.