Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daring Dexy

He crawls! He stands! He jumps!
What can't he do?

Okay, okay, so he doesn't crawl all over the place, but yes, he will crawl a couple steps to get something in proper-crawl-mode.

Okay, okay, so he doesn't pull up to stand everywhere, but yes, in his crib, he does, and we have to move his crib down to the low setting now.

Okay, okay, so he doesn't jump all over the place, but when he stands in the crib, he holds the side and bounces up and down. It's pretty cute.

Gram, Papa, Auntie Kim, and Uncle Paul were here today to help move around and move in some furniture. AJ and Dexter had fun getting to see them and play with them! Thanks for the help fam!

Oh ya, and...
Dexter purposefully tips his sippy cup up on his own to drink from it. He's been practicing with the cup in the bathtub and now he's a pro!

AJ's been really great. He's been playing with lots of friends, he's been laughing off more falls instead of crying, he's saying sorry when he knows he's done something wrong (even by accident), he's having fun playing with Dexter and being able to get a little more rough, and he's climbing and jumping like never before. I really need to watch what he's doing at the park because he's doing some 'stunt work' and sending my heart racing.

AJ's really been cuddly lately too. I'm loving all the extra hugs and 'Mommy hold me'.

Just about called 911 today...
Dexter tried to grab the Magna Doodle from AJ and AJ yelled, "No! That's mine!" Well, it scared the pants off of Dexter and he was pretty much hyperventilating. It was like nothing I've ever seen him do before. I was pretty worried and my tears were starting to fall. Had I not introduced him to egg yolk today at lunch, I don't think I would've been as worried, but I was worried it was his throat closing up or something.
I brought him to the cupboard to stand and look at something interesting, and he calmed down and smiled. All was well.


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