Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Mac-AJ Had a Farm Why O Why O Why

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Here's an extra update!

Well, it's happened.

I've been awaiting this day.

I knew all along that I would regret it happening, because what will follow will be horrible.

But yes.

It's happened.

He understands when I ask ........





He even says.....


Why did I put you in the naughty spot?
Because I did bad listening.

Do you want me to leave your door open a little bit?
Yes, because I'm afraid of monsters.

Why did I give you a lollipop today?
Because I was a good boy at preschool.

Now, I know, I know. You're thinking, "Why did you want this to happen, Sonja? Don't you know that he's going to ask why why why why why all the time now?"

Yes. But anything's better than the ...

What are you drinking, Mommy?

What are you driving, Mommy?

What are you drying, Mommy?

What are you putting away, Mommy?

That was him asking the annoying obvious.

Now, we're into the good stuff.



This will be better, right?

Most of all, I love the word 'because'. It just makes my world complete. I feel like this is just a huge huge huge huge huge accomplishment.

For example, let's use the naughty spot.
It used to be me saying, "Why did I put you in the naughty spot?"
AJ would respond with a sad faced, "Yaaaahhhhhh."
I would change the question to be, "What did you do?" or "What are you in the naughty spot for?"
Then he would answer.

This is just better.

To celebrate this occasion, here's a beautiful pic of my son, Alton James Clark, in the naughty spot for bad listening.

Get your tissues ready, Grandmas and Sharon.


ErIca said...

He looks pretty comfortable in the wide-open field, there. Surrounded by fresh greenery and clean air. What ever happened to the good old handcuffed-down-in-the-cellar idea? Darn child protection laws. In my day...

Mockabee News said...

I agree, or what about your portable cardboard box. Those make great "naughty rooms". PS--where you put your tickers is where the photo would go... hth.

jaymock said...

Um, that turned out way too cute. How funny that AJ is being a chicken about the grass and Dexty is totally fine, lol...

jaymock said...

Oops, I just posted on Jason's account. Blasted joint computer.