Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's Time to Catch Up Again

Well, you know what I always forget to say in these blogs?
Man, I love these boys of mine. All three of them! (6 if you count those darned cats).

First Let's Talk About AJ
So a little while ago, when I ordered some "Cars" listen and read books from Avon (curse you, Auntie Erica), I put the CD player from AJ's room down where he can access it and showed him how to play it. He loves listening to these. I love to walk in and see him in his little rocking arm chair reading along to his little books. Awwwwww.
About a week ago, I gave him all the dollar store Nursery Rhyme CDs from my CD case, and put them into his own CD case that he can use. He loves that too. I come down to his room and there he is rockin' out to "Old MacDonald" or "Jack and Jill". Why didn't I think of this sooner?
I Need to Buy These
So, I can't imagine where he's learned this from ('dum dee dum dum' she says, avoiding eye contact, twiddling her thumbs, and whistling). AJ will now come to me with a book or flyer and point out some things he'd like such as Lightning McQueen, Thomas trains, Spiderman, etc., and say, "Mommy we are going to need to go buy these tomorrow. And this one, and this one, and this one." Oops. What have I created?
Chicken Strips and Starbucks Please
Okay, okay, so it's nothing new that my son can spot a Starbucks from 600metres away from a highway exit, but....
We (AJ, Dexter, and I) went to the McDonalds Playplace on a suicide mission with Auntie Erica (and Jack and baby-Rya), Auntie Jen (and Makenna and baby-Jaxon and baby-Emerson) at lunch time. Let's not forget this was AFTER some fun at the park. I bought AJ a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal and it came with a Star Wars Clone Wars toy. It was some bobble head guy flying some space craft of some sort. Anyhow, back to my story. He must be starting to confuse Starbucks and McDonalds.
Uncle Tarrie came by with his two sons Adam and Matt, to return a tool, and when AJ came downstairs to see them and saw that Matt had a 'toy' in his hand, he said, "Oh wow! Did you get that from Starbucks?" Or rather, 'thtarbucks'. I was cracking up. I said, "Starbucks only gives stickers, not toys. You're thinking of McDonalds." (and no, McDonalds doesn't give away Nintendo DSs). Long story, not so short. As they're leaving he yells, "Are you going to go have dinner at Starbucks now?"
Two other items in this category.
1.) AJ finally went through the tubes at the playplace. Way to be brave, AJ! It's about freakin' time!!!
2.) At the park with Daddy today, AJ said, on our way back to the car, "Mommy we need to go buy chicken strips and Starbucks." That's my boy! Daddy just shook his head.
Dry Nights and Dry Naps
We're still having lots, but it's not every time. I praise it when it happens, but haven't really been pushing it.
Now, I've stepped it up. I bought another one of his favourite Melissa & Doug puzzle sets (the construction truck set). I've shown it to him. I hung it up in our 'prize' section. I've told him it's for when he's had a hole bunch of dry naps and nights. I'm thinking 5 in a row of something. Anything.
Mumby and Dandy
Not sure where this came from, but these are out new names. I don't think Daddy cares for his very much, as he has a pretty sassy reply back.
Hot Wheels Track Triumph
A week or so ago, AJ starting assembling his hot wheels track and loop the loop on his own. Ahhhhhh, freedom I declare!
Slurpee Poop
I've probably avoided posting about AJ telling me what his poops look like. "Look Mommy. A dinosaur poop." "Oooooh, a car poop!" "Wow, Mommy, it's a giraffe!"
Well, Daddy bought AJ a slurpee last weekend, and the next day he had some righteous turquoise poop. I'm talking, bright turquoise. He said, "Whoa! Slurpee poop, Mommy! Wow, that's turquoise poop!"
AJ has a cold. Hope he doesn't give it to me and Dex. Or Daddy for that matter.
We went for his preschool meet and greet with the teacher. I received a Scholastic book order for him. Awwwww! That made me misty-eyed. He's been talking about wanting to go to 'big kid school'. It's very cute. He goes for 1 hour on Monday, and then he'll start the regular 3 hours on the following weeks. I really hope to be able to bump him up to twice a week later on. I think he's really going to enjoy this. We'll see.

Let's Talk About Dexter
22 lbs now. Whoa. My right arm is getting really buff.
He's tried some potatoes, bananas, cauliflower, chickpeas (which he didn't like), some beef (just a little, and he didn't like it), and broccoli since my last post, if I hadn't already mentioned these. Lentils too, if I hadn't said that already. I'm about to do some asparagus, spinach, honeydew, and cantaloupe purees. AJ never liked the melons. I hope Dexy does.
He's Still a Rockin'
He's up on all fours. He's rockin. But he's only sliding backwards. I really think he would've been crawling quite some time ago if we spent more time at home. I feel a bit badly, but at the same time, Dexter really does love getting dragged around with AJ and I.
Jolly Jumper Underducks
Dexter loves it when AJ tried to give him underducks in the jolly jumper. Don't worry, it's not on the doorframe attachment. It's on a permanent doorway loop thingy that's screwed in. Also, it's supervised. Dangerous, but supervised. You should hear the screams of laughter. Do realise, the underducks are about 9 inches off the ground. That's as high as AJ can push Dex as he literally crawls under him.
Waving at Daddy
Have I mentioned this? I swear Dexter waves at Richard. When Richard says 'hi' to Dex, Dex almost always lifts one hand up in the air and fans his fingers. Crazy.
Have I ever mentioned 'baby high five'. For as long as I can remember, probably like 3 or more months, I swear, if I say 'baby high five', Dexter reaches up for my hand and I cheer when our hands touch. He loves this. He's so cheerful.
Still Very Vocal
Since the beginning, Dexter's been very vocal. Way more than AJ was at this age. We'll see what this means for me later.
He just babbles and babbles and talks to himself non-stop. Lots of raspberries and mum-mum-mum, ga-ba-da, and stuff like that. He's VERY loud.
He's started a new ear piercing, blood curdling scream occassionally. I think it's the top teeth, but I can't see any coming through.
He's been sleeping really great at night still and much more consistently, but he really seems to want to start his day at 6:30am instead of 7:00am. Whatever. I like the way his naps work out better that way anyhow.

Went to a New Park
We wanted to go to a park we hadn't been to yet, and Auntie Erica likes to go to parks that have 'Geocaches', so we tried out a park up the road from me. The boys had lots of fun climbing and throwing rocks around (not at each other) but at a metal grate thing. This Geocach thing's been on my mind. I think we need to start up this family fun activity. Richard says that if we want to start, we'd better start now because the 'idiot threshold' will be reached soon as GPS is available on more and more people's phones. This, in turn, increases the amount of idiots participating in your sport and therefore, wrecks the fun, as more people don't follow the rules and instead, just 'steal' the Geocache. Hmmmm. This is classic Richard, pessimistic thinking at it's best. To really get the true feeling evoked from this, you must hear it explained by Richard.
Don't know what Geocaching is? Look it up! But don't be the idiot that ruins it for everybody else!

The Zoo, Again? Again!
I've really got to learn how to load pictures from our camera onto the blog, so I can have the pictures up that correspond to our activities I've described.
We went to the zoo. We haven't been a quite a few weeks. It was fun, as always. AJ did some great 'rock climbing' up the elephant slide. We did an afternoon trip this time instead of the morning. It worked out great. AJ wanted to stay for the afternoon 4:00pm Radical Raptors show. He really loves the owls and the falcons swooping down over us. Unfortunately, Dexter stole the show. He was shouting out to everyone, dancing, clapping my hands, smiling and laughing. People were just ooohing and ahhhing about my darling little boy. He's such a cheerful guy! I already said this, but it's so true! YAY little Dexy!

***don't forget! If you like to see updated pics of the boys, go to richard and sonja dot com (with no spaces)


Mockabee News said...

Seriously, the slurpee poop tops the charts.

ErIca said...

Hey Mumby, don't you think Dad is dandy?

And did you not watch the farm video on our blog? The geaocache terrosist? Richard and Wes should discuss.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

I didn't have sound. Hmfph.