Friday, September 19, 2008

Bad Karma - Richard

So, Richard got back from his business trip last night. I kept AJ up late to see Daddy come home. Daddy came home with BIG treats!
1.) A cap bomb. Thanks Daddy. Helping to raise our EMO into a great civilian. What I can't believe is the stuff Richard saw at the dollar store in Alberta. There were fake guns with All the cap guns and bombs. I'm actually the one who picked AJ up some caps a while back from the dollar store. I remember how much fun it was to smash them with rocks as a kid. I couldn't see any cap guns there, nor would I have bought one if I had.
2.) Extra straight Hot Wheels Track. We've been looking everywhere for this! He found it at a Walmart in Alberta which leads me to believe we may have them here now that they're putting out all the new stuff for Christmas. We just need to find some curved track now.

But onto the bad Karma.
Dexter has slept beautifully since Richard left. Better and better until the last 4 nights where he slept without a peep from 7:00-6:30. Can't ask for a better night than that. On top of this, AJ hasn't woken with any nightmares while Richard's been gone. I've had uninterrupted sleep for 6 or 7 nights.
Richard came home last night and so it began. Dexter started waking screaming. I think it was a total of about 10-12 times all through the night and early morning. AJ woke about 5 or 6 times claiming there was a bumblebee on his pillow.
What the heck?
I think AJ was waking from hearing Dexter cry.
Dexter was extra stuffed up last night. The boys are ending their cold and are at the coughing stage. Last night, he was really congested and I think having trouble breathing with the paci in.
But now, I'm thinking back to the day and wondering if it had something to do with the food. Dexter tried raspberries yesterday AND beans (gassy), AND there was a little cream in his jarred veggie stew last night.
I think maybe the cream sent his tummy into a bad place (he's allergic to milk).
Or, Richard just had bad ju-ju.

(There's nothing wrong with that term, is there?)

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