Saturday, October 04, 2008

Parks, Playgrounds, Zoo, Rain, Aquarium

Since my last update, we've been busy. I tried to promise myself to stay home for just one day, but I just couldn't do it. We've been out every morning for two weeks until Friday. I finally stayed home on Friday. We had a 'jammie-day'. Nice.

So, what's new?

Not so new... Dexter's not only standing, but is pulling to standing and then jumping. His crawl is definitely 'proper', but he only uses it to get something, rather than to get around. I don't think he realizes that this is an option.
Dexter's saying, "Hi" a lot too. He's said it for a really long time, but he seems to be understanding it more now.

The Zoo
We spent the last non-rainy days of September visiting parks and going to the zoo. We found a playground that we hadn't visited yet and there are a couple of great pics of the kids playing there on Auntie Erica's site

AJ had a great day a preschool. Hardly any grief, and he FULLY participated this time. I think it's all good now. He received a special treat from me for having a good day AND an extra treat for no-tears. Well, hardly any tears.

The Aquarium
We needed to take our Zooper stroller in to get the seat fixed (for the second time) and needed to go to Vancouver to get it serviced. We thought it best to 'make a day of it', so off to the Aquarium, then two stops for Daddy's work, a visit to TJ's, lunch with Grand-Dan, one more stop for Daddy's work, ice cream, and home. AJ was so ready to crash.

Bubble Boys.

Daddy and his boys.

Baby Beluga.

Takin' on the Jellies!!

That Dexy just doesn't quit.

And, after one of our many busy days these past couple weeks, here's AJ after he said that he didn't want to take a nap.


Joel, Keri, and Jonah...and Freddy said...

Oh wow! Look at how big Dexter is getting! And such a cutie!

AJ's pretty handsome himself.... ;)

jaymock said...

Okay, well I was going to comment on how cute the first picture was, then the second, then the pict of AJ and Dex at the window, then the list just kept going, so forget it. They're all friggen cute. Must say that Dexty is surprising me now on how different he looks than AJ... Helps that he's a moose.

Mockabee News said...

Blast, it used Jason's account again. Sorry.