Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What A Great Day So Far

Feel free to skip this one. This post is really just for me in the 'baby book memories' kind of way. Probably won't interest many people except Grand-Dan, and maybe Auntie Erica. I would say that it would interest Gram too, except that I'll probably call her in 10 minutes and tell her all this anyway.

Dexter finally found a reason to prove his crawling abilities today. I keep telling Richard that Dexy's been able to crawl a proper crawl for a couple weeks or more now, but I don't think he's believed me because he never gets to see it. Dexter will crawl a couple steps to get something, but doesn't use the crawl for transportation, as I've mentioned.

But today, at music class, Dexter REALLY wanted the 'spots' that we sit on. They are circular placemats that look like slices of lemons and limes. He just loved these things. So, I tossed it away a little because it was distracting him from the class and he just went and crawled half way across the room to go get it. It was quite exciting. I'm going to have to go to the dollar store to see if they have some of these things. I'll just keep tossing it around the house so he'll chase it.

Dexter was a doll for grocery shopping after music class. He slept the whole time. It was great. After grocery shopping, Dexy and I went to the coffee shop for my Americano and his lunch before picking up AJ at preschool.

Now, preschool... what a success. The first three or so classes were still a bit unnerving for AJ, but last class he only welled up with tears when I dropped him off and when I picked him up. Today, no tears at all. He was excited. He went right in. He had lots to tell me today, like that he was the special helper, that he'll see everyone next week on Wednesday (that was cute), and that he likes to sit with Miss. Tasha. He got his weekly treat after preschool: a lollipop.

AJ's been really great lately. There's way less whining, and he hardly ever bursts into tears when he falls or bumps himself. He's got lots to say, and if he wants something badly enough, he'll even talk to strangers.. "I'd like a sticker please! Two please!"

After preschool today, I asked AJ if we could go to Canadian Tire. He said yes, but looked disappointed when we got there and said, "Ohhhh, this isn't Costco!" And, he noticed I had a coffee and he said, "Oh, you got your Americano from Starbucks with Dexter?" And I said, "No, this one's not from Starbucks. Today I got my coffee from City Blends." He said, "No, Mommy. That's silly. Mommy Americano coffee is from Starbucks, not Silly Bends." I had to laugh at loud on that one.

Dexter, of course, fell asleep on the way home and transferred quite nicely. He seems to have finally, after 9 months of life instead of 9 weeks like his brother, ironed out a nice routine for himself that he can fall back into, even if his naps are slightly different in the morning. He likes 9:00/9:30-10:00/10:30 or so, and then 1:00ish-2:30 ish. Sometimes a catnap later and sometimes not. Night time sleep's usually quite nice. He sleeps until 6:30am and chats and plays until I get him at 7:00am. It's working well. This morning though, he slept on the way to music, then again at the grocery store, and then again now. There's something to be said for 'the second child'. He is much more resiliant with sleep than AJ was. AJ was quite happy to do the exact same routine every day, but if I strayed from it, you could tell he didn't like it. Dexter's just so used to being toted around everywhere that he's really learned to sleep in many environments and at many times. He previously had about three versions of how his day could go and seemed pretty happy with any of them.

Dexter's been full of smiles and pulling to standing on couches, tables, bodies, toys, whatever. He's just a really content guy. Even witching hour between 3:30-5:00 is not anything like it used to be. He's just really happy.

He and AJ really love playing together. Cars, Little People, musical instruments. It's funny to have them both playing in Dexter's room and I'm in kitchen. "My boys are playing down the hall" I'm thinking to myself.

They're two really great kids that make me smile. AJ's been really cuddly lately and says my name in this really sweet way that I can't describe, but of course, I'll attempt to... "Mooooommmeeeeeee". To which I reply, "Yes, AAAAAAAAAAAAA - Jaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy?"

For my baby-book records (which is what this blog is really for), I'm going to type out Dexter's routine. For those of you who are continuing to read this and are not 'Baby Whisperers' the letters E, A, S stand for Eat, Activity, Sleep. There's a Y too, that means You-time, but it's usually, Mommy and AJ time.

6:30 - Wake and play until 7:00am

E - 7:00am, bottle, and a little later, breakfast of applesauce and oatmeal.
A - after breakfast
S - 9:00 - 10:30
Y - mommy and AJ time

E - 10:30, snack, like some cheerios, 11:30, lunch, meat, veg, fruit, and water.
A - after snack and lunch
S - 1:00 - 2:30 or 3:00
Y - my time if AJ naps at the same time

E - 2:30/3:00 - bottle
A - after bottle
S - sometimes a cat nap around 4:30 for 15 minutes
Y - no, no me time, getting dinner ready or out for a walk

E - 5:00pm - dinner and water to drink
A - bath, play, bottle at 6:30pm, stories
S - 7:00pm
Y - my time starts when AJ goes to bed at 8:00pm.

Day starts all over again at 6:30am.


Mockabee News said...

Yes, that's perfection. It's a beautiful thing. What good boys!

Efka ja Keirpoiss said...

So did you go to the park?

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

No, it started to rain.