Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanksgiving With Grand-Dan

Didn't you know it was International Wear a Hat Day?
Oh, I guess Mommy was just in a hat mood.

I was waiting to post this one so I had some more pictures to load with it. I think I'm still missing some, but here's what's been going on since just a little before Thanksgiving. Interspersed are some pics of the boys in their matching sleepers from our trip to the States. AJ would normally never wear sleepers. Not for over a year and a half I think. It's just not conducive to sitting on a potty. Nonetheless, too cute. He wouldn't wear them to bed though. Who would want to? 100% Polyester! Dexter did.

All About AJ

"What's a cowboy without his hat?"
(AJ quoting Woody from Toy Story 2)

Do you want to watch Toy Story 1 or Toy Story 2, AJ?
AJ - "Toy Storeeeeee wwwwooooooo..... 2."

AJ's been saying, "Hey Mommy, how's it goin' with you?"

Last week, I said, "So, AJ. How's it goin' with you?"
He said, "Uh, it's not goin'."

AJ's also been bringing out his blanket in the morning with which to sit on the couch. I don't mean his blankie. I mean his actual comforter. And he likes to have his breakfast and milk on the couch watching Sesame Street and Curious George or a movie.

Speaking of movies -He just loves them. It used to be all about Cars or even Toy Story. Lately, it's Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story 2.

Preschool's still going well. He has a good time when he's there. Grand-Dan has offered to pay for AJ's second day per week. I'd love to start it now, but since I don't know what's happening for work yet, I thought I should maybe wait until the New Year.

All About Dexter

Okay, when I started this post a few days ago, I was going to say that Dexter was taking some first attempts at cruising. In those few days, he's not only climbing up on EVERYTHING within seconds of getting there, he's cruising quite a few steps along the coffee table, couch, book baskets, or his toys.

He's also doing some 'walking'. He pushes his activity table along the laminate floors while taking steps behind it. We have a push walker toy, but he's not ready for that kind of speed yet.

Dexter's 'talking' is coming along too. His "Hi" and "Dada" are much more defined and I venture to say that he really knows what those two words mean. I think I've heard him say, "AJ" a few times too, but sounding more like "uh ju". But maybe that's just the mom in me hearing that. Dexter's babbling lots. Sometimes I think I hear a sentence in the monitor in my half asleep state, and think that it's AJ, but then realize that it's Dexter babbling away.

Here's a picture of the teething monster now. Hence, the immense drool and runny nose.

Naughty-mommy alert!
Dexter was enjoying some of my delicious chocolate chip banana bread the other day. Mmmmmmm. He was just shoveling it into his mouth as fast as he can, just as though he was thinking, "Wait, this must be a mistake. She didn't mean to give this to me. It's too delicious. I'd better get as much as I can RIGHT NOW!"

Dexter also recently tried red and green peppers which he LOVED, and a 'ham dinner' jar of baby food that he quite enjoyed.

More Stuff We've Been Up To

Well, it was just Grand-Dan and us. Richard's parents are still away in Nova Scotia, my mom, Ken, Paul, Auntie Brenda, Uncle Al, and cousin Michelle were all at 100 Mile. And my cousin Theresa was away too, for soccer. It looked like it wasn't destined to be a big Thanksgiving this year.
Since Grand-Dan's not a huge fan of turkey anyway, we just decided to have a very non-traditional Thanksgiving involving Indian Butter Chicken, Naan, mixed frozen veggies (my dad's fave with the peas, carrots, beans, lima beans, and corn), and a play off baseball game (or so I assume) on in the background.
The boys had a great time getting to see Grand-Dan again. We had just seen him the week before at the Old Spaghetti Factory during our aquarium outing.

A Meet Up
We had a 'meet up' with my friend, Allison and her family. Allison is one of my friends from my BabyWhisperer 'birthclub'. Her son, Silas is the same age as AJ. Richard claims that none of my pictures came out except this one. Perhaps it's because the battery was dying. I had some cute pics of Allison's husband, Tom, throwing the boys in the air. He's not used to a light-weight like AJ and evidently, AJ's head touched the ceiling. Or maybe he was just saying that to see if it worried me?

Here are AJ and Silas enjoying their fries.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we had gone to Gram and Papa's for a visit. Here's some favourite pictures from that week and visit.

Dexter, just about 9 months old.

Dexter in all his drooly, teething, goodness.

Boys in the Baby Bath!

Visit with Gram, Papa, Auntie Kim, and Uncle Paul (who I didn't have any pics of with the boys, oops, sorry Paul).

Watch For These Coming Attractions in the Next Blog Entry
Park pictures from last week.
Hallowe'en party pictures of Mommy and Daddy.
Pumpkin Patch, we'll be going a few times.
Hallowe'en. Both boys will be dragons. I didn't mean to match them this time, really.


ErIca said...

Ha ha- In the pic with the Zebra, Dex's head looks bigger than AJ's. Actually, his whole body looks bigger!
I love the drooly goodness pic of Dexy. It's sooo cute!

Mockabee News said...

I agree. Dex looks so handsome in his drool and baseball tee! Also, how funny is it that my boys have matching jammies, just like those but the truck version? Bummer is they are like spandex on Everett's legs. Blast. Too cute. Loving the choc chip banana bread. Why not, right? :-)