Thursday, October 09, 2008

So cute, teeth teeth, roaring, I'm a Tiger, mission impossible

Too Cute
-Last night, Dexter was playing hard with Daddy. Daddy set up the cushions on the floor so that if Dexy fell off the couch, he'd be okay. He let Dex have freedom to crawl, climb, and stand on the couch, and if he fell, no biggy. At one point, Dex actually 'got off the couch' successfully onto his legs, standing. Fluke? Oh ya. For sure.
-Anyhow, I picked Dexter up to take him to bed, and he was so sad that I was taking him from Daddy. His lip was curling on the way down the hall and he was turning to try to see Richard and looked so sincerely sad.

Teeth Teeth
-Dex has got more teeth on the way. Really runny nose, all clear. I hope it's teething and not a new cold after his other one just ended.

-Dexter is totally roaring like a lion or bear or something.
-And, I think Dexter is signing 'change' on the change table and sometimes while he's sitting. Probably coincidence that he's actually in need of a change when it happens, but I can't help but notice, he usually uses the sign when he's in his cloth diapers. Hmmmmm.

I'm a Tiger
-At the mall today, I told AJ it was time to go to the car and drive home. He said, "I'm a tiger, so I can't go in the car." He's been into the movie "Kung Fu Panda" the last few days and likes to be the Tiger.


Mission Impossible - please cue theme music

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
2 cars
2 moms
2 toddlers
2 babies
The border
Guide Meridian Construction Traffic
A Tantrum
Outlets - cancelled
The border

The cost- $80 plus gas, and a missed trip to Daiso.
The reward- Matching Christmas sleepers, matching Christmas sweaters, and an innovative diaper bag at $10 off.

What's that?
Only a crazy person would take on this task?
Yes, you're right. That's me.

Erica and I both wanted to go to the States.

*Gruelling border line -
With 'cheaters' scooting in from the duty free. ARG! And Dexter woke from his nap, was overdue for his 'snack', and I really needed to use the facilities due to my Grande Americano.
*Grilling border guard -
1. Do you work outside the home?
2. Is this car yours?
3. Why aren't you carpooling?
4. Are these kids yours?
5. How long is your maternity leave?
6. Are you bringing anything across that you'll be sending or mailing?

Can't find Erica. Find Erica.
Tantrum -
The kind where you need to drag your son crying, twisting, and screaming from the store, and a man stops you to say, "Boy, he's a handful", but you refrain from punching the guy in face and instead meekly say, "Not usually", and your son is trying to pry his hands out of yours saying "Let Go Of My Hand Mom!!!! Come On!!!! Come On!!! I want to walk by myself!" Let's not forget that AJ was hyped on an accidental 'full sweet' kid's choco milk from Starbucks, had whacked himself in the head with the stirrup from a ride on horse, and pulled a bike down on himself in an effort to ride it.

It was good. I was still mentally calming down from carrying AJ wriggling like an alligator that's breaking its own arms trying to get away from Steve Irwin (may he rest in peace).
Unfortunately, a girl peed on the slide and they had to close the playplace for about 15 minutes to clean up. Luckily, AJ, Dexter, Jack, and Rya had fun playing in the toddler section pretending to mail letters and paint.

-I stupidly parked in the wrong section and had to run halfway across the mall to 'find Erica' yet again.
-Target went really well. Jack was ready for a nap, but he was really great. Rya was her usual unnapped, but jubilant-anyways self, AJ was really good and found a Thomas suitcase on wheels to pull around the whole store, and Dexter slept.
-Took AJ to the indoor playground in the mall so Dexy could have his bottle.
-Got to the car. AJ insisted he wasn't taking a nap, but would instead 'just lay', and of course, was out like a light.
-Back through the stupid construction (man I've got to find a new route to Bellis Fair).
-Home to my wonderful husband who once again made dinner for his stay-at-home-mom wife.

Aaaahhhhh. Home.


Efka ja Keirpoiss said...

What a day :)
Happens even to the best of us

ErIca said...

I wasn't aware how much we did that day until I just read your blog. Thanks for the TMI (in a good way)

Mockabee News said...

Craziness-yet it's my favorite post so far.

How appropriate for you to shout out to our late friend Steve. Well done.