Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Work, Wedding, Who?, Where?, When?, Why?, Whaaaaat???


I can't believe I haven't updated you in a whole week. I was in at school last week for a couple days, getting set up. Spent some time getting some planning done yesterday, thanks to Richard giving me some 'me time' at Starbucks with just me, my coffee, and my 'homework'.

So I'll be working Wednesdays mostly (while my sister is the boys' nanny). Thursdays, I will work sometimes, but Auntie Erica will take the boys Thursdays, regardless. No excuse for an untidy house now with a whole day to myself on the days I'm not working!


We had an outstanding time at my cousin, Lisa's, wedding. Great music, great food (including Butter Chicken), great company, beautiful wedding, and of course, dancing with Richard because my man dances.


How did we go to this wedding? Who did we leave our most precious baby boys with? My dad was away. My mom and my sister were at the wedding. Ken was at work. Norma was in Nova Scotia. Hmmmmm. Are you stumped?

My brother, Paul, and his friend, Brock. They were my "Mannies". I left my note with 'times', prepared food and labelled, taught them how to change a diaper (as they crossed their fingers for 'no poo'), gave them a key in case they wanted to go outside, and left those four boys (ages 1.5, 3.5, 15.9, and 16 years old) alone.

I came back to find, not only my children still alive, but having ate, napped, had fun, and...... my house seemed oddly tidier than when I had left.

My baby brother babysitting my babies. Awwww.

THANK YOU BROCK AND THANK YOU UNCLE PAUL. It was just so wonderful of you two to do this for us!


The Zoo. It's been a while, actually. While putting new batteries in the camera, Richar asked me why I'm taking the camera to the zoo, as I have many pictures of them at the zoo already. The simple answer: they are growing every day!! Sprouting, really. AJ asked me today why Dexter is taking so much longer to grow up than he is. I thought that was really neat to think about. AJ also told me a joke. It was a pun. My Starbucks is called 'Bakerview'. I was meeting Jen at Starbucks on the way to the zoo. I went to the wrong one (mine), and turned around to head to 'hers'. AJ said, "Oh, maybe we're now going to Baker-zoo Starbucks".

Here are some pics from the day.

What a great day. Weather was perfect!


Today! Norma arrived safely at the hospital from Nova Scotia. Her and Richard came home at around 8pm. She had been awake for almost 24hours! So great to have her back. Dexter was already in bed when she arrived, but AJ was awake and VERY excited! She'll be here for a couple weeks to help out during this next round of Chemo. Thanks for coming Norma!


Why do I let my 19 month old use markers?

AJ knows Dex is up to no good.

Awwww! Too cute! He knows he's been naughty!


Richard started his next round of Chemo today and it was a really rough day. He was supposed to get his Lumbar Puncture and have some of the Cytarabine put into his spine today and then also through his Hickman Line.


Richard had to painfully sit through five attempts to pierce the bones in his back and at one point they hit a nerve (which Richard likens to be electrocuted).

What next? They try again tomorrow, but it will be a surgeon doing it with the assistance of an X-ray to guide him/her. Floroscopy?

Good grief.

Happy to have him home safe and sound, but really hard to know he had such a bad day. I'm regretting not having made sure to go with him.

These next two weeks will be rough on Richard. 5 more days of chemo (including tomorrow's Lumbar Puncture), then the horrible week or more that follows of him feeling absolutely yucky and drained. Then the road to recovery while having a compromised immune system. Then getting better, just in time to start his last round of chemo, I imagine (should all go smoothly) on October 6th or so.

Please send your good vibes/prayers/well wishes/thoughts a round of chemo that maybe doesn't suck so badly.

Love you Richard. I'll be giving you lots of hugs.

**** I'm pretty sure Richard has updated his blog tonight with a more in depth look into what went down today.


Anonymous said...

OUCH!! Poor Richard!! Hope he had a better day today. Glad Norma made it back OK.

Steph said...

My prayers are with you all this week, especially Richard!! What a trooper he is! Oh and my 19 month old uses markers too and ends up looking oddly similar including that smile!!

The Bee Hive said...

Ike... that sucks, poor Richard!

So cute with the markers... we do the same with play dough... argh!