Monday, September 28, 2009

Richard Update #7 -scroll down for 6,5,4,3,2,1

So, he's home. He's laying on the couch. He's sleeping. He's had a very uncomfortable day/night from laying in an emerg bed all day. He's sore.

You know, I don't know how all the rest of you feel about how Richard has looked through all this, but I've thought he's looked pretty good this whole time. I don't know if it's just the missing eyebrows making him look all 'Cancerie', but I would say that this past week is the first time that I've really thought of him as looking 'sick'. So, if you already thought he looked sick, now he REALLY looks sick. But to me, he's just starting to now. Maybe it's that he's acting and actually is more sick this time.

I hate to think what the next round will bring, since it should technically be worse each time. He hasn't been able to escape having to get antibiotics for any of the rounds so far.

Oh wait... some good news! Actually, two bits.
1. It just so happened that the particular nurse that Richard had at MSA today in emergency just happened to know about a Hickman Line. So, although they didn't take blood from it or do the dye for the CTscan with it, they were able to administer his antibiotics through this.
2. This fungal thing is pretty 'norm' for a Leukemia patient. Two friends had fungal infections when they had Leukemia (yes, I know people around my age who have had Leukemia), and when the emergency doctor was talking to the Leukemia doctor at VGH (Richard's normal doctor), he didn't sound very surprised or concerned. It seems pretty 'part and parcel' of the whole Leukemia-gig. Whereas, had Richard not had Leukemia, and had come in with these same issues into emergency, they would've given him some sort of lung x-ray or something. (and perhaps some of my Leukemia experienced friends like Aili, Bryan, or Dawn can add more to this topic in the comments area).

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