Monday, September 28, 2009

Richard Update #4 - scroll down for 3,2,1

Sorry I took so long. I took AJ to gymnastics and had to stop at the bank.

Since the last update, Abbotsford has done a CT scan to try to rule out the thrombosis going into Richard's lung. Last I talked to him about 30 minutes or so ago, he said he didn't know if it was pneumonia or what.

They were maybe also going to do his IV of antibiotics in Abbotsford too instead of at VGH, I guess just to keep him safely monitored.

That's good and bad, as it means that everything has to be done by actual IV instead of just simply through his Hickman Line. I'm assuming that. I should ask him when I talk to him next.

So, I'm just feeding the boys lunch right now, they'll go down for nap, and I'll keep updating you as I get new information.

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