Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Few Days

Richard has said that this has been the worst round of Chemo so far.
He feels fluish.
He's wiped.
He's nauseous.
He's tired.
He has a stomach ache.
He can't taste anything.
He feels horrible.
His intestines are getting pretty rough, and probably with the mouth sores to come.
He's having trouble finding things he thinks he could tolerate eating.
He's just run down.
He looks bummed.
Cute, but bummed, nonetheless.

Still a trooper though. He still walks around. Slowly, but gets through.

I had a whole whackload of work to do for planning Science for my new class and was desperate to get to the library (I don't work well at home).

Richard let me head out on his day off, yesterday (Monday), to the library, just after I put Dexter down for nap, knowing I would not be back until well after they woke. He was just going to 'suck it up' and deal with it.

I was at the library from 1pm until 4:15pm. By the time I got home at about 4:30pm, Norma had just arrived home, and Richard was just starting to get the boys' dinners ready.

I finished that off, let him try to relax, and thanked him profusely for the amount of work I was able to get done.

This afternoon, Richard was back at the hospital to 'check in' and see how his numbers are doing. They are going down, but they're not low enough for a transfusion yet. Probably Thursday.

Today, I had Erica's kids, Jack and Rya. Jen and I decided to 'do like old times'. After dropping off the big kids at preschool, we went to Starbucks with her twins and my fake twins. They were all really well behaved. We had time to spare. We let them play outisde in the sandbox, picked up the big kids at preschool, and headed home.

Lunch, naps, playtime. It was a really great day.

Well, for me it was. Richard.... not so much.

Norma's day wiped her out too. She's ben doing loads of walking during Richard's appointments. Today, just when she got to Winner's, Richard called her to say his appointment was over, surprisingly, so she had to head back. I think the time change is getting to her too.

I need to head to bed now. I just finished my last minute stuff for work, ironing a shirt (if you can believe that), and my sister's just arrived to sleepover to nanny the kids tomorrow.


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The Bee Hive said...

Hugs for Richard... sucky sucky sucky. Hugs for you for being a cheerleader... also, forgive the word "hugs"... sometimes it sounds so cheesy. Maybe more like "rub on the shoulder"...no, that just sounds weirdly sexual.

Scrap it... thinking about you guys and praying for you!