Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Richard Update #8 - Scroll down for 7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Poor Richard. So, it's definitely a fungal infection. The very powerful meds that they will be giving him, will evidently have him seeing different colours!

His appointment today was for 12:00pm, so he and Norma left today at 10am.
I don't know all the details of the day. But what I know is:
*It was very busy today.
*They did some blood work.
*They had to do a cross match today.
*I think they were low on platelets and/or blood again.
*He's only getting one bag of blood today.
*He was getting his antibiotics today, and at only 4:30pm (after being there for 4.5 hours), he was only finally going to be starting to get his blood and platelets.
*Another long day for Richard and Norma and they won't be home until well after dinner. Norma is going to know Vancouver like the back of her hand soon!

Please send your good vibes, well wishes, love, and/or prayers for Richard to get better soon, and to at least be able to enjoy one week of feeling good and normal before the next and last round of chemo starts.

HUGS sweetie. Feeling badly for you. Kiss kiss.

My day?
It was Tuesday, so I had Erica's kids today. The boys had preschool in the morning and me and babies hung out. When I brought the boys home, it was the usual routine.
-babies at the table
-boys go play downstairs
-I start to prepare lunch to the babies and for the boys
-call the boys up for their 'picnic lunch' at the coffee table
-followed by nap for the babies and playtime for the boys
-then afternoon snack
-then play some more
-no outside time today though :(

Early bedtime for both boys tonight as I have school work to do.

7pm-Dex (normally 7:30pm) and 7:30pm - AJ (normally 8:30pm or so if he's had a nap)


Anonymous said...

Sending intense prayers and hugs!

ErIca said...

Are we ever going to stop calling them "the babies"? Let's not. Ever.

Oh yeah... and thinking about Richard, too. "Get well soon" just doesn't cut it anymore.