Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sorry For That Teaser. Here's the Real Thing.

I can only imagine what a let down the day before yesterday's post must've been for the great-aunties and grannies and grand-Dan.  I had big plans to do a proper post and then, after downloading all the pics from our gallery on our richardandsonja site, I was just too tired.  Not to mention, Auntie Kim had arrived for her weekly sleepover and we were chit-chatting, as sisters do.  And now, I am REWRITING today's entry.  I worked for about an hour on it last night after the kids went to bed, and lost my entry because the 'autosave' didn't work.  Never again will I take autosave for granted.  I can't guarantee that this entry will be as passionate, clever, or witty, as I've now 'been there done that'.  We'll see.

The Pumpkin Patch 2009

Yah, that's right, the picture is sideways.  "But Sonja, it only takes less than a minute to open the picture up in the image editor and rotate it 90 degrees!"  Yes, I know that.  But it only takes you about two seconds to just tilt your head to the left.

See?  That was easy and fast, right?

Which means that I'm not lazy, I'm smart.

As we await Richard's last round of chemo (YAY), it means that our days to do stuff together are numbered (not in the terminal way, but in the 'richard will be sick for a while' kind of way).  I've been wanting us to fit in a day to go to the pumpkin patch as a family, to do pics of the boys, us, and Richard with the boys.  By having Richard there, it makes things easier too:  I can maybe even (gasp) get pictures of the boys smiling and looking the same direction which on my own is impossible, and I can take AJ up to the big kid slides and leave Dexter down with Richard.  The twisty slides there are wicked-fast.  In fact, AJ basically falls down them.  He smacked his head at the bottom too. 

But, Richard had 'all heck break loose' with computer stuff and had to stay home to work.

I took the boys by myself instead.  This was Monday, October 19th.  As I got them dressed for 'the pumpkin patch pictures', I was all ready to put on their pumpkin patch striped matching sweaters I had, but then I remembered.....  Grannie's sweaters!  Norma had knitted the boys sweaters last year and they were still a little long on them then.  But I just knew they'd be perfect now.  Not only that, but the polo shirts she got them for underneath still fit them too!  Sure enough, PERFECT FIT!  They'll last them right through the winter too!  Luckily, it was just warm enough that they didn't need jackets over top.

The First Stop

When you get to the pumpkin patch, there is a fake Tow-Mater (from the movie Cars) and a little already-picked-pumpkin-patch.  The boys ran right over.

The Pumpkin Patch Photo Session

Without Richard here to help me corral my Darter-Dexter, it was impossible to get them to stay together for a nice brotherly pumpkin photo session. So, they're all basically of the boys running.  

The Horse Swings

Right next to the pumpkin patch are the horse swings. AJ loved them.  Dexter... not so much.

The Wavy Slide

Right next to the horse swings is a precariously set up wavy slide.  The kids climb up a little dirt ramp to get to the top and then climb onto a slanted deck to get down the slide.  The way up is the dangerous part. Otherwise, it's the slowest slide I've ever seen.

Thanks for turning your head again!!

The Walk Back

Dexter just takes off.  It doesn't help that AJ runs ahead and of course, Dexter wants to catch up! The difference is that AJ will stop when I say stop (usually), but Dexy won't (usually).

Bathroom Break

Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  Probably not, for you.  For me, well, they're 'my boys', and I love this picture.  It is sooooo "AJ and Dexter".  Look at Dex doing the shocked, serious, curious face.  Look at AJ so serious and big eyed.

This little photo-op area is right in front of the washrooms.

Playground Please

After the washroom, AJ and Dexter ran straight to the playground.  They just love playgrounds.  What kid doesn't?  But seriously, as I've mentioned before, sometimes AJ asks to go to the zoo, only to go use their playground, not to see the animals.

This slide is seriously high.  Dexter, as usual, has no problem getting up there.  He went a few times by himself and then the boys started going down the slide like a train.  Their new favourite way to slide lately.

The Jumping Pillow

They have this huge, and very awesome jumping pillow.  Having gone to the pumpkin patch on a weekday, the kids got to enjoy being almost the only ones on there.  As you can see by their faces, they're having a blast!

Thanks for turning your head again!

I Lost Dexter.

So this is where it got tough.  Of course the boys want to go up and down the big big tube slide. But I can't be at the top and at the bottom at the same time.  Both AJ and Dexter were just too excited.  And, to top it off, for some strange reason, there's a little tiny mini corn maze right after the tube slide.  It's really short, but tall.  As soon as AJ got down this slide, he headed into it.  Of course, Dexter followed.  So I got to the bottom of the slide and there were no boys.

The Tractor Trail

We walked across the bridge to the tractor trail.  The boys had a good time, of course.

The Petting Zoo

Downstairs, under the tractor trail and zipline, is the petting zoo.  Dexter was in his glory patting the goats.  He was so happy.

Time For Apple Cider

This was one of my favourite parts of the Apple Barn visit.  The Apple Barn cold apple cider is one of the most delicious beverages in the whole world.  The boys agreed.  They were trying so hard to be such good sharers.  But the drink is just so good.  They'd hand it to each other, but were practically sitting on their hands to prevent themselves from just ripping the juice back out of eachother's hand before the other's turn was done.  It was just really sweet.

The Big Old Fashioned Tractor

As we were on our way to the car, the boys couldn't resist hopping up on here and driving away!!  They (and by they, I mean AJ) were such good turn-takers.  AJ was more than happy to give Dexter a turn to drive while he shifted gears.

Please, No More Pictures, Mommy!

I think the picture speaks for itself.

Thanks for the great sweaters, Grannie!

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2007

Days at Auntie Erica's and Days at Auntie Sonja's

Auntie Erica took some more pics last week of her day with the four kids.  Man, I wish I could take pics like Auntie Erica.  Boo hoo me.  I should get off my lazy butt and read my manual someday.

Here we have Auntie Erica's baking time.  I don't know what to think of AJ being sent home with 'treats' each week.  Because you know who ends up eating them, right?  Yah, me.  That's right.  Between these lovely desserts and all the Hallowe'en chocolate that Richard keeps bringing home, things aren't 'shaping up' for me very well.

Oh well.  It's about the kids having a good time, right?  Like play-doh!  Dexter would have been having the time of his life.  I have to admit, I reserve the playdoh for AJ and Jack usually.  I'm such a bag!

Here are the boys playing dolls in Rya's room.  Awwww.  Wait, is that a Rescue Hero on the ground?



Awwww, sweetness.  Thanks for those, Auntie Erica!

And here's more pics of the four kids.  This time, just this past Tuesday, at my house.  Sorry, I don't bake with them.  Okay, well, once I did banana bread.  And my playdoh is hidden from the babies for only AJ and Jack to play with when the babies are down for nap.  

My day with the four kids usually involves....

Doing up tool belts and reminding Dexter that the drill is for drilling, not shooting. And definitely, not for shooting AJ's head.

Me folding laundry while the babies play downstairs.  Eventually, I do leave them down here and go upstairs to empty the dishwasher.

And most of the day is AJ and Jack playing Rescue Heroes and cooking meals and cakes in the play kitchen downstairs, while me and babies hang out upstairs dancing or engaging in Dexter and Rya's most recent favourite pastime - riding on my back.  Which I have gotten lazy with....

I turn on the music, grab a book, lay on my tummy, and read stories while they get on my back and crush me, like bumdrops on a trampoline.  


Well, I owe you info on Richard, but the truth is, he's been keeping up on his blog!  So you should go read what he's written.

Click right         HERE

But I will give you this information that may or may not be on his blog.  He's making his own haemoglobin now, yay!  He's had a CT scan, an abdominal ultrasound, and an ECG.  He's getting IV antibiotics for 7 days in a row, bummer.  He's perking up since his numbers have gone up and his transfusion.

Today he was supposed to have a dental appointment too today, but that was cancelled.


This is Thursday, the day that Erica has the kids. So, I spent the morning at Starbucks getting my marking done.

Then, updating the blog.

And now, about to eat lunch and handwash dishes because the dishwasher is broken.  Again.  Uggg.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Love the sweaters!!!! Mom isin thecar so I must not be long. Miss you all very much . loads of love, Grannie

ErIca said...

Thanks for the influx of pics! NICE SWEATERS! Love them!