Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Bit About the Boys

As I've mentioned, I've been very bad about keeping up on the 'taking notes on the calendar' part of recording the boys neat stuff and milestones.  Therefore, I don't have too much to say, but....

Richard uploaded all the pictures from the camera onto our site RichardandSonja.  If you go to the 'gallery', it will take you to our albums.  If you click on the first album, it has all the most recent pictures of the boys and what we've been up to.  (Sorry Auntie Erica.  No pics of the pumpkin patch because Auntie Jen took all the pics).  The pics below are from me taking the boys to the zoo this past Friday.  Gotta love the year's pass and the fact the boys are still free!  Sometimes we go just because AJ loves the playground.  I love taking them with just me sometimes because it's 2 hours of just my 100% attention on them. Special times.


Dressed up the boys all nice in their ties for Thanksgiving dinner (which I of course removed for eating because it would be crazy to keep them on!).  Thought you might like to see my little guys all cutified.

AJ looks very unimpressed to be wearing the tie, but really he just didn't want me to take his picture.

Dexter on the other hand hated the tie, and had a complete meltdown.  He had to 'go cool off'.


AJ - When he doesn't get his way, he says, all in a huff, "Oh man!".  It's sooo awesome.  At one of our local playgrounds, there are horizontal bars.  Every time we go there, AJ climbs the pole to get to them.  When he starts to swing, it looks so 'professional' like a real gymnast.  I'll have to get it on video some time.  I love to watch him.  He also loves to jump off swings while they're still swinging.  I thought he learned it from a boy at the zoo, but Richard informed me that he was already doing this a while back. Also, I keep forgetting to mention for his 'baby book', his love of 'adding'.  It just happened that he peaked an interest and received a lesson on adding using his fingers from both me and Richard a couple months ago and ever since then, he's all about the adding.  The picture I have here below is when I put AJ to bed a week or more ago, and he still wanted to read more.  It looks light in the room, but really it's dark with only a little 'dot light' up top, and the flash of my camera.  He's reading a 'reader' about the movie "WALL-E".  It was so cute to hear him actually reading.  My favourite part?  When he gets stumped on a word that is either not one of the sight words he knows or a word he can't sound out....... he looks at the picture for clues.  LOVE IT!  My big big boy.  So proud of you, AJ.


Dexter - Today, he held on tight on the big boy swing.  We were at a school playground, so of course, there were no baby swings.  He really wanted to swing.  Normally, whenever I've tried him on the regular swing, he just wants to fling his body backward.  Today, I guess he realized it was 'do or die', and he held on tight.  If I'm not mistaken, he instinctually 'pumps'. Every time the swing went forward, he leaned back.  As for his words and signs.  He is adding/using signs all the time, I just keep forgetting to record them.  Most recent signs would be 'grape' and 'toast' more consistently which is a nice alternative to screaming at the fridge, I must say.  As for words, he really truly, still doesn't want to, or cannot just attempt to copy what I say.  However, the word "Fruit Loops" is becoming quite clear, as are some other basics like that.  So proud of Dexter for his understanding though.  I've actually been able to reason him out of a tantrum a couple of times and calm him down.  Also, I have no concern about whether or not he understands what we're saying.  He can do any task I ask him to do.  He just isn't using words too much.  But then again, I'm comparing, which I shouldn't do.  I know he's still within normal.  I'll calm down now.  The picture below is of Dexter's new loft bed.  I purchased it with the money I made selling my beloved Ergo carrier (a place where Dexter used to take the occasional nap as an infant).  And yes, with the money I made off the carrier, I could afford a bed!  How do you like them apples?  He had only taken naps in it the last two days, but tonight, he's sleeping up there!  Excuse the sticker I haven't scraped off it yet.

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