Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Richard News

I do have pics of Kim and Kareen's day with the boys today, but I'm not into loading pictures right now.

If you haven't read Richard's blog yet, then you may not know that they told Richard he could start his chemo Wednesday (today).  They also said that he'll be wearing a heart monitor of some sort, (I'm guessing a halter-monitor).  His heart's been racing a bit and 'feeling weird'.  Also, if I recall, his heart's given them a little scare before when he first started chemo back in June.

Kim came this morning with her friend Kareen at about 7:45am to watch the boys for the day.  I had left for work about an hour earlier.  Richard then was able to finish packing after a long night of 'preparing' for moving out.

He left the house about 11:30am, I'm guessing, as he arrived shortly after 1:00pm (stopping first at my work to drop off my cell which I had forgotten on the charger, and at his work I think) at the Cancer Lodge.  Just enough time to check in, say hello to his roommate (who I'm happy to report is a guy), and head for his 5 minute walk to the hospital to start his anti-nausea meds at 2pm, and then the chemo around 3pm.

I talked to him a few times today, on my way home from work.  Later when I was having him say goodnight to Dexter.  And again when he called to say goodnight.  He gave me some dates of some scans and such, which I have of course, forgotten.  I'm hoping he posts some more dates on his blog.

If you want to stay up to date on his progress, be sure to check his blog...

Richard's Blog

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Your strength amazes me, Sonja.