Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Hallowe'en Excitement!

Sonja's writing code!

I did computer coding all by myself!  I wanted to load these pics.  There were a lot. I have to resize them to put them on the blog and that's time consuming.  Richard usually resizes them in big batches for me in some slightly complicated manner.  After him teaching me again the other day, I actually remembered this time and was able to type the computery language myself.  It was very exciting.  To me.

Daddy's Coming Home!

Richard just couldn't bear (is that the right spelling?) to spend Hallowe'en alone and not see the boys in their costumes.  So, he's coming home in a couple hours to spend Hallowe'en night with us and sleep over!

Or, he really needs laundry done.

Or, he just really wants to drop off the car which he's realized he really doesn't need while he's there.

Or, he just wanted some 'kisses and hugs'.

Depending on how well or how badly he's feeling, the plan is that we'll head to my mom's and he'll hang out at the house while I take the boys out trick or treating.  I think Auntie Kim is coming out too.  And maybe Gram.  I'm not sure.


We had a late start to the day today because my two boys slept in until 8:20am.  Thank goodness.  I've been pushing their day later and later to get ready for the time change.  Lunch today was super late at 12:45pm.  Dexter went down for nap at 1:30pm.  AJ's just having some 'quiet room time' right now and then I'll put him down to nap at 2pm and have some lunch, myself.  

After looking at Zellers for a comforter for Dexy this morning (to no avail) and then picking up my morning coffee, AJ asked if he and Dexter could play out in the front yard.  I really just wanted to get inside and get some dishes put away, but... twist my rubber arm... Okay, I'll sit on a adirondack chair sipping my morning coffee watching my two boys play outside in the fresh air.  Such torture.

Here's some playtime pictures.  I just love watching them play with figurines, so I had to sneak and get the camera.

That's the day so far.

I'm off to disrupt AJ's 'quiet room time' to put him down for nap, then make a list of what I need to pack up for the boys tonight, eat my lunch, and put away some more laundry.

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ErIca said...

congrats on coding! Take the Geek Test now, baby!